Back in Spain as an ex-expat.

back in spain

I’ve been back in the ‘corporate world’ for exactly 1 year now. Slugging away at the old 9-5, pushing paper and stopping by the water cooler for the latest office goss. JK. It’s not like that at all. I actually really… Continue Reading

A chic stay in the heart of the city: Swissotel Sydney Review

swissotel sydney hotel review header

A Swissotel Sydney Review. Let me just start with a picture of an incredibly inviting bed…   Yup… and it was even more comfortable than it looks. (mind you, most beds feel like heaven after a long night in heels, downing cocktails… Continue Reading

Uncovering blogger travel secrets with Cheapflights

blogger travel secrets

Recently I was lucky to uncover some new blogger travel secrets with and then celebrate the success they’re finding down under. (FYI. is an online search engine for cheap flights… it’s pretty simple.) They have a strong following in the UK & Europe… Continue Reading