Hanging out in Ho Chi Minh City

Earlier in the year I had was presented the opportunity to travel to Vietnam, for a half-work/ half-holiday trip. I of course jumped at the chance and was able to travel to 3 major Vietnamese cities over two weeks. Part of this I did with a Contiki tour, and parts I travelled alone.

Ho Chi Minh City (or Saigon) was my first stop, and although I was super excited to be going somewhere new, I was also rather nervous as this would be my first time travelling abroad alone.

Although I’m quite an independent person, I think it was the fact that I would be travelling solo to a non-English-speaking country, where everything was bound to be out of my comfort zone, which made me a little nervous.

Fortunately I needn’t of been nervous at all – Vietnam was an amazing place, full of extremely helpful locals and ex-pats, and provided you’ve done a little research about the place (good areas to stay, sites to visit, TAXI’s to use), it’s completely tourist and traveller friendly.

Being a bit of a nerdy-traveller, I’d researched Vietnam quite extensively before my trip – I like to get the best out of things – so I knew about the most reliable taxi’s to catch (Mailinh Taxis’) and knew to be careful of bag-snatchers in the central city (unfortunately 2 girls on my tour did not). To be honest, I was pretty on top of things.

Ho Chi Minh City is a great place – it’s full of life, with millions of scooters whizzing by night and day, amazing food – especially at the street stalls, despite their often grubby appearance, and has a really interesting history.

The view from my room at the Vien Dong Hotel

The view from my room at the Vien Dong Hotel

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I also stayed at the Vien Dong Hotel – which I would highly recommend.

You see A LOT of different stuff on scooters in Vietnam…

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