Making the most of 3 days in Sydney

Recently I had a wee city-break: 3 days in Sydney, and I nailed it.

Not only did I attend an amazing travel blogger event hosted by Cheapflights, but I jam-packed a bunch of other awesome experiences into my 3 day break, and I really think I got the best out of Sydney.

I wish I could boss all my trips like this.

Here’s how it all went down….

3 days in sydney do this


Swissotel Sydney – I seriously cannot rave about this hotel enough. Not only did the staff there make me feel so incredibly special, but the design and furnishings in this hotel are just super cool. I really just had the best experience here and would definitely stay there again.

See my full review



I ate lots of great things in Sydney (I really ate a lot).

I used Into app for the first time in Sydney and it led me to the notably cool neighbourhood of Surrey Hills, and a gorgeous little sushi spot in a cute courtyard – and before you tune out right now cause you think all sushi is the same, please know, that you’re wrong.

This was seriously amazing sushi. They made in front of me, used my choice of rice (brown please) and served it with a yummy seaweed salad. I call that a luxe sushi experience. Full points Zushi Sushi.

Also shooting off from this little courtyard is About Life, which is like a supermarket/café for healthy whole foods! Such a great concept and the smoothie I got there was delish. We need something like this in New Zealand please. Worth a looksie.

best sushi in sydney


Zara. Just Zara.



While exploring the city was awesome, and something that I’d of course recommend to anyone travelling to Sydney, as a first-timer, I’d even more highly recommend getting out of the city and heading up to the Blue Mountains.

It’s just nice to get out of the hustle of the city.

As I was travelling solo, the easiest way for me to get out there was to join a tour, so I went with Gray Line Sydney and their Blue Mountains & Wildlife Experience Tour.

Right from when they picked me up from my hotel, I knew it was going to be a great day, just because

a) I got a seat at the front of the bus (best views)
b) The Spanish translator sat next to me, so I was able to practice all the Spanish I’d nearly forgotten!

And it was an awesome day.

A fricken hot day 40° day, but still an awesome one.

As well as admiring the Blue Mountains I also got to feed a kangaroo, pat a koala and relax on a harbour cruise, where I snapped some stunning shots of the Opera House and city skyline. Well worth it.

blue mountains tour sydney

Go out

I went out every night while I was in Sydney, which reminded me of when I was living in Madrid and used to drink far too often. But it was fun added to making the most out of the trip. Here’s a few learnings:

  • Ivy – cool, lounge vibes around a poolside bar on a Wednesday night – good night out, perfect G&T setting. On a Thursday night it’s a completely different story. I think it’s student’s night or something similar, because the place was incredibly crowded – this is a ‘go hard or go home’ kind of night.


  • Establishment – after work drinks hot spot. While Ivy is quite a touristic place, this bar felt like it had more Sydney locals in it. Busy straight after work with people in work attire (Read: men in suits – yes.)


  • The Soda Factory – my friend took me here, and it was the best night out I had. The entrance is really quickly – like some sort of hotdog vendor. After passing through a ‘secret door’ you’re in a kind of honky-tonk, 1960‘s American joint, serving delicious chilli-cheese fries, mac’n’cheese and cherry-topped cocktails. They also had live music and the dance floor is full by about 10pm


Gutted I missed

The only thing I’m really bummed that I missed is the Bondi to Coogee Beach coastal walk – I had time, but I just couldn’t be bothered leaving my hotel on the last day… it was just too nice…

I’ll have to go back to Sydney again so I can do this, as I’ve only heard good things.


Have you been to Sydney? What’s your must do there?


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    • yes I went there too! gorgeous views at night – made the steep prices a little less painful haha

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