8 harsh truths for adults visiting Disneyland for the first time

Disneyland is one of those places that I think everybody dreams about as a child. I’d say it’s on most people’s bucket lists and for first-timers in LA it’s usually one of the first things on the To Do list – as was the case with my friends and I.

It was the first time for each of us in America, and we were excited at the prospect of finally meeting Mickey Mouse in the happiest place on earth – where dreams come true. (fyi, that’s the slogan)

Now don’t get me wrong, I had an AMAZING day at Disneyland – wearing Mickey ears all day long, meeting magical creatures and munching on mickey-shaped cookies. BUT it would have been sooo much better if I was, I dunno… 8 years old.

If like me, you’re a little older then this, then here are some things that I think you should know prior to visiting Disneyland, in order not to be disappointed.

1. Disneyland is marketed towards kids. I know you think you already know this, but don’t get it twisted – its ALL for the kids, not you.
2. The Disney Castle – the one that’s in the logo – is a lot smaller than you’d think. (But if you take your photos from a low-angle it looks slightly bigger.)

3. The lines are loooong. I would recommend splurging on a Disney Fastpass to help cut the lines as much as possible, especially for the more ‘thrilling’ rides.
4. In saying that, the rides are not super thrilling. There’s no upside down rollercoasters or giant drops – they are all very kid-friendly (go figure). Space Mountain is about as extreme as it gets.
5. The world-famous teacups are genuinely fun – but don’t eat/drink before hand. (A friend of mine learnt this the hard way)

6. It’s a Small World is the creepiest ride ever – and that song will, without fail, stay stuck in your head during your entire visit to Disneyland – even when you think you’ve lost it, some kid will walk past singing it… just pre-warning you, it’s unavoidable.

7. The only thing scary about the Haunted Mansion is that it continuously breaks down and it takes about a half hour to get through the house.

8. Mickey is a girl! After about an hour in line at Mickey’s house, we were finally let through to meet him, only to find out he is a she! You can tell by his tiny lady-like build and hands. Who would have known!

However even with these warnings, I totally think everyone needs to visit Disneyland at least once in their lifetime.

It is a lot of fun, just maybe make it the first theme park you visit, so you don’t compare it to the amazingness, that is Knott’s Berry Farm.

Oh extra note for kiwi readers – New Zealand is represented in ‘It’s a small world’ by a maori puppet man dancing with 2 kiwis, with a feather on his head – amazeballs.

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