Back in Spain as an ex-expat.

expat in madrid spain

I’ve been back in the ‘corporate world’ for exactly 1 year now. Slugging away at the old 9-5, pushing paper and stopping by the water cooler for the latest office goss.

JKIt’s not like that at all.

I actually really love my job and spend far more time at the coffee machine or the café downstairs than the water cooler – when I’m not working my ass off that is, don’t get me wrong, I work hard, but it has been a whole year of this!

A whole year since I left Spain, 16 hour work-weeks, 2 euro glasses of wine, free olives at bars and all the amazing people I met in Spain. Oh and jamon iberico… legit, I don’t think I’ve had good ham in a whole year.

So what’s a working girl to do? Spend part of that fabulous new monthly wage (aren’t salaries the greatest!) on a trip all the way back to Spain, to reminisce you – for old times sake.

I’m here at the moment.

Really, I’m here for a friend’s wedding in Gibraltar (random, crazy, exotic, I know), which is awesome cause I’ve never been there before, and since I was coming all this way anyway I decided I may as well throw a few weeks on to the trip, to tick off a few final ‘must do’s’ on the Spain bucket list.

You know, things like a trip to Ibiza.

When I was working part-time in Spain this always just seemed a little out of my budget – at least in order to do it properly. So I’ve got a weekend planned there with friends, where we’ll be hitting up some of those notoriously insane super clubs for their opening parties.

And as much as I’ve been warned against it, I’m also curious to see what these “bad” parts of Ibiza are – you know, the super touristy parts, that everyone warns against when you mention Ibiza. We’re not staying in the “bad” area, I’m just curios to see how they compare to places like Bendidorm.

I’ve been in Spain for a day and a half now, and am currently writing this from my 5* hotel room in Barcelona. ( Whoop, whoop, no more judging accomodation on the amount of people I have to share a hostel room with – having a full-time ‘corporate’ job, really aint that bad after all!)

I’d say I’m still getting over the jet lag, considering its 6am atm, and I conked out at 10pm last night, but the weather’s great and we’ve planned some pretty unique experiences in Barcelona.

Including a food tour with Devour Barcelona! I used to work for their sister branch – Madrid Food Tour – and know how great their tours are, so I’m really looking forward to that experience.

We’ll also be dining in the dark here with Dans le Noir?, which also sounds like a really unique and fun experience.

So many activities here revolve around food… the diet starts when I get home…

After Barcelona I’ll be heading down to Malaga and Gibraltar, then back up to Madrid before my weekend in Ibiza. It’s not a particularly long trip, but it’s great to be here and I’ll be doing some cool new things, which may that 24 hours of travel worth it 🙂

Will keep you posted on the trip – any unique tips or recommendations, please shoot them through!


  1. Awesome!! I hope you have fun. I can’t wait to go back.. it’s been a year since I was last in Spain!

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