Barcelona bike rental at your fingertips

Barcelona bike rental at your fingertips.

I often get asked what the best attractions in Spain are.

Friends or colleagues will tell me they’re heading over to Europe and will be in Madrid or Barcelona for three or so days, and they’ll want to see as much as they can in the little time that they have.

When it comes to places like these I could rattle off recommendations to keep them busy for weeks… I mean Barcelona is the reason I fell in love with Spain and decided to move to the country. It’s incredible, and there’s so much to see!

But when they’ve got limited time to spend there, it can be tricky to narrow down the best attractions and the most efficient use of their time.

I 💛 Barcelona …. Amazing terrace and gorgeous Gaudi view!

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However, I’ve just discovered, which will help me with these recommendations, as with this service, my friends will be able to see more attractions, in the same amount of time!

Let me explain…

Basically, Donkey Bike an app (and website) which shows travellers on a GPS map where in cities bikes are available for hire, how much they cost and even allows you to book a bike through the app. Once you follow the map to get to the bike, the app controls a smart bike lock which you can command through your phone to unlock it and head off on two wheels!

How clever is that! An Internet of things innovation at it’s finest!

barcelona bike rental

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Why am I excited to recommend this app?

Easy – exploring a new city by bike is a great way to make the most of your time and get a thorough introduction. It’s cheap and gives you the freedom to explore almost anywhere, and it’s faster than walking so you can cover so much more ground!

For example, I would definitely recommend city bike rental in Barcelona as there is so much to see, but some of the must-see attractions are quite spread out. If you’re going from Park Guell to La Rambla or El Barrio Gothic, you’re looking at approximately 8km (an hour walk)… not only does that take up precious time, but gees you’ll be tired, hot and bothered by the time you get there!

Of course, you could take the Metro (which would still take some time with the line changes) but wouldn’t see anything, you’d miss any potential hidden gems, street performers or just general stunning architecture!

Also worth seeing in Barcelona and perfect to see by bike are the Arc de Triomf and Park de la Ciutadella, a gorgeous arch and park, always with performers scattered throughout. Or a ride along the boulevard from the main Barceloneta Beach north to Platja del Bogatell would be well worth it – the beach gets nicer the further north you go – I recommend going as far as Diagonal Mar!

One of the first things I ever saw, the first time I arrived in #Barcelona… Still looks incredible #ArcDeTriomf

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As a traveller it’s nice to know that you’ve got things booked and ready to go – especially when you’ve got limited time somewhere. Whether it be flights, transfers, a bed somewhere or bike hire, having it prebooked means you don’t have to worry.

I think Donkey Bike makes bike hire for travellers easy, and I’m excited to see all the other cities they’ve go bike stationed in (even Auckland!), no doubt I’ll be on one of the bikes soon too.


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