Beachcomber Island Fiji – the Party Island

Beachcomber fiji party island
Beachcomber Island is known as the Party Island in Fiji.

And it’s this reputation that lured my friends and I over for a New Years holiday.

Before I start, I should be clear that in terms of being a ‘Party Island’ I can’t compare it to the likes of Ibiza, Mykonos, Koh Phangan or any of the Croatian islands.

It’s just not nearly on that level.

BUT compared to other islands in Fiji, and those in the South Pacific, it takes the title.

But I think those who go to Fiji know this. If you want that Full Moon Party kind of thing with lot’s of bars and hoards of people, then go to Thailand. If you want more of a chilled out holiday, with a beach bar (yes, just one bar), reggae dance beats and a limited number of people, then Beachcomber could be just right for you.

It’s just a more relaxed kind of party atmosphere.

Sure there’s cocktails, music and glow sticks – but it’s pretty chilled out. Which is just lovely.




Beachcomber is a small (and I mean, walk around it in 20-minutes kind of small) island, roughly 21kms off the coast of the mainland.

Their party island reputation attracts mostly young and adventurous travellers, so along with the sandy beach bar, the island is decked out with outdoor activities to suit.

From banana boats, snorkel gear, wind-surfing, paddle boards, skiing, kayaks and even paragliding – there’s plenty of outdoor adventure activities to keep you busy. You can also get massages right beside the beach, with delicious Pure Fiji products, which are pretty divine.

Beachcomber also gives guests a great cultural experience too.

As soon as the boat docks at the island, the island staff gather on the beach to welcome guests to the island with a song, traditional food is served daily and at night, there are traditional performances in the bar, including a great fire dance.




New Years Eve on Beachcomber Island was pretty amazing.

Though it wasn’t the biggest party I’ve ever been to, there were more people than usual in the bar, as tourists from neighbouring islands came over for the night.

A local DJ played in the (only) bar, there were drink specials, people dancing and after the countdown there were fireworks over water.

It really was a great night, and the cherry on top to what was an awesome holiday.

If you’re looking for a mix of beach party + chill time than I would totally recommend Beachcomber Island for New Years Eve.

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  1. So fun! I went there in 2009! I remember watching the sunset while sitting in a saltwater pool surrounded by friends. Good memories! I’d love to go back, but I think it may be a little too much partying for me now.

  2. I went there just after New Year’s this year! It was pretty quiet when I was there, and we didn’t do any partying, but it was absolutely beautiful!

    • Yeah the popularity of the island seems to have cooled down quite a bit in the last few years – it used to have so much more hype, and really be the ‘party island’ of the pacific… I think they need a new marketing manager.

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