The best thing about blogging

This week I’m taking part in a blogger link up hosted by some Kiwi blogger friends of mine, about the Unexpected Benefits of Blogging.

I originally came up with a list of benefits I’ve experienced since I started blogging – my writing has improved, I read more, I know more about SEO and content marketing, and I have a clearer idea of what I want to do with my life in the future…

BUT I think the most amazing and unexpected benefit of blogging for me, (by far) has been all the other wonderful bloggers I’ve become friends with!peopleyoullmeet.jpg

The blogging community (the Blogosphere, if you will) is full of friendly, positive and passionate people. I think it’s so cool that I’ve been meet people with similar passions and interests to me, and I’ve been able to connect and talk to them, despite geographical challenges.

So I thought I’d introduce a few of my blogging friends, who perhaps you might like to follow too!


Leah of Naturally Leah

Leah is a Kiwi expat living in London. Her health and fitness blog is pretty much a big deal, and she’s often invited to cool sports events all over London, which she covers and shares online. We originally ‘met’ on twitter, and then were able to meet properly in person few years ago when I visited London. We instantly hit it off, chatting away about blogging, travelling and the New Zealand PR scene (she’s ex NZ-PR too!). I’ve since stayed with Leah in her home, and will be excited to show her around Madrid in a few months time!

PS. It was also her original blog (now combined in Naturally Leah) that inspired me to start my own blog in the first place – so, thanks again Leah!


Anna of Cat and Tonic

I also ‘met’ Anna on twitter after she contacted me, having randomly found my blog and read that I was living in Madrid. Anna too was set to be living in Spain (Seville) and teaching english in the same programme as me, so it was only natural that we connected. Although we only knew each other online, Anna invited me to stay with her one weekend and showed me around the city. It was an awesome weekend, we we even discovered we had a bunch of mutual Kiwi friends back home – no wonder we got one so well! Anna’s back in NZ, enjoying summer and blogging all things beauty & lifestyle on her blog, Cat & Tonic.


Amy of Cronut Couture


Amy is one of my good friends here in Madrid, and we actually met pre her blog. She is probably one of the most stylish people I know, with one of the worst addictions to ZARA ever… Anyway after a bit of encouragement from myself and other friends, she started her own fashion blog. She’s only been doing it a few months and already has a tonne of followers – something that’s not easy in the super competitive world of fashion blogging! 


Megan of Blogger at Large


Megan is  New Zealand’s most well-known travel writer. She writes for various publications in NZ, including the New Zealand Herald, Expedia NZ and she speaks about travel regularly on Newstalk ZB. She’s a pretty big deal. I was lucky to meet her back in Auckland when I started my blog several years ago. She’s super cool and easy to talk to, and a great source of information for budding travel bloggers and writers in New Zealand. She’s awesome.


Madrid friends from Madrid Food Tour

I got a gig this year working for Madrid Food Tour, to help with a few marketing projects. It’s been challenging and rewarding and in a few months time I hope to be able to share some sweet results with you all. Although this work has been a nice way to get back into the PR industry, it’s also been great working with some other expat bloggers here in Madrid!

Meet my Madrid expat blogger buddies, Lauren of Spanish Sabores, Courtney of Adelante, Lauren of Lauren on Location and Estrella of Estrella Explores.mdfbloggers.jpg


Kiwi Bloggers in London

I’ve also been lucky to get to know some other wicked travel bloggers from New Zealand – who all happen to be living in London! Meet Jessi of Two Feet, One World, Annmaree of Donuts & Detours and Sara of Big World, Small Me.

I met up with Jessi and Sara on my most recent trip to London and had two amazing brunches with them. We chatted away about blogging, travelling in Europe and what 2015 holds for us and our blogs. They were both super easy to talk with, and it was lovely bouncing ideas with bloggers who have a similar audience to me – though not exactly the same.

And although I’m yet to meet Annmaree in person, I interviewed her not long ago for my blog as a Kiwi Expat in London. She just seems likes of the coolest cats in London, so I can’t wait for our paths to cross!










Now I could go on and on, about other awesome bloggers I know, and friendships that have come to be since I started blogging…

And then there’s also all my online blogger friends, who I am yet to meet in person, even though it feels like we’re good friends as we’ve been in such regular online contact.

There are just so many blogging friends.

And thats my FAVOURITE (unexpected) benefit of blogging!

If you’re a blogger I’m sure you have your own blogging friends and you know how cool the ‘subculture’ of blogging is! If you’re not a blogger, well, you’re kind of missing out…


If you are interested in creating your own blog, check out these sweet guides that First Site Guide have put together for some great tips!


  1. Hey! A great post here Liz and thanks so much for the mention! It was so nice to meet you and hopefully our paths cross again. Blogging friends are the best!

  2. Yay love this!!! This is also one of my favorite parts of blogging- all the interesting people you wouldn’t have otherwise met!! Thanks for the mention 😀 So happy MFT brought us together!

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