5 great books for girls who travel

Books for girls who love travel


What I Was Doing While You Were Breedingwhile you were breeding - best books for girls who love travel

By Kristen Newman

This is one of my favourite books ever – it’s well-written, relatable, hilarious and non-fiction! I love true stories.

Author, Kristin Newman, writes sitcoms in Hollywood for a living, so it’s not surprising that this book is ‘laugh-out-loud funny’. While her friends are all busy buying houses and getting married in their 20’s, Kristin was off having adventures all around the world (see, instantly relatable!). In this book she shares some of her craziest travel stories, including once-in-a-lifetime experiences, holiday romances and boozy nights.



The Wrong Knickersthe wrong knckers - best books for girls who love travel

by Bryony Gordon

Another hilarious true story, you ‘ ll struggle to put down…

Author, Bryony Gordon, recounts stories from her twenties – living in a flat in London, trying to make it as a journalist (and getting paid peanuts), and vying to live a  fun ‘girl about town’ lifestyle.

While I’ve not lived in London, I still found this book totally relatable – just in the experiences she faces of moving out of home and trying to do lot’s of fun things on an extremely limited budget. We’ve all been there. There’s also a lot of hilarious dating stories in here, that will reassure you that your crazy Tinder stories are not as bad as they could be…

Girls who travelgirls who travel - best books for girls who love travel

by Nicole Trilivas

This is fiction story is pretty much a modern-day #GirlsTravel fairytale.

The storyline is super cheesy but cute, featuring an American girls who moves to London to work as an au pair and meets the boy next door who just happens to be the heir to an English fortune… you may even be able to guess what happens next?

A great book for teen girls with a huge case of wanderlust, or anyone heading off on their first trip abroad. Oooh or, coming from an ex-au pair, I would recommend this book for au pairs – I wish my experience was like this.



The Top Five Regrets of the Dyingregrets of the dying - best books for girls who love travel

by Bronnie Ware

If you ever needed a push to take that next trip, this is the book that will do it. It will also make you cry over and over again, like 80% of the chapters drew tears… happy tears though.

It’s a true story about a nurse who made a living working in private residents in and rest homes with the elderly, and what she learnt about life from these people. She translates the most common regrets of the dying into beautiful life lessons that I think a lot of people can probably relate to. An eye-opening read – a lot heavier than the above three books, but definitely worth a read.

What would your biggest regret be if this was your last day of life?



The 4-Hour Workweek4 hour work week - best books for girls who love travel

by Timothy Ferris

This is like the ultimate book for travel bloggers (or bloggers in general) who dream of living a nomadic life and doing their thing full-time. Tim Ferris preaches about developing a business that works for you rather than one you work for, which admittedly in theory sounds idea – however of course its much easier said than done.

A good read for anyone serious about this kind of work.




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  1. Thanks Liz,
    I’ve wanted to read ‘What I was doing while you were breeding’ for awhile now. Excited to know it’s a good pick.

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