Christmas Gifts for Expats

With Christmas just around the corner I thought I would put together a list of the Top Expat Christmas Gifts I’m hoping for this year!

Christmas Gifts for Expats



1.The North Face Womens Arctic Parka

So, newsflash: it’s super cold in Europe in winter – like a lot colder than Auckland. Although like every other Kiwi I have a short black puffy jacket, this year I’m looking for something a little more cosy. This North Face one has 550 fill goose down insulation, is waterproof, has internal fleece and will cover my bum! OMG it’s totally the splurge item I want this Christmas!


2. Fantail on Branch Art Print by The Little Leaf

I’ve been looking for some New Zealand inspired art to have here in Spain for a while now, and I’ve just come across kiwi artist, The Little Leaf. Her work is gorgeous and I’m especially love this Fantail print – New Zealand birds are actually my favourite thing everrrrr.


3.Hunter Dual Cable Knit Boot Sock

When I think of gumboots (rain boots, wellington boots – whatever) I mostly think of stomping through New Zealand bush, near my family bach. But in Europe, gumboots are quite the fashion statement, particularly this ‘Hunter’ brand. While I can’t convince myself to drop a lot of money on gumboots, I’m prepared to buy some Hunter socks, to flip over regular gummies. Then I can fit in with these cool Europeans and keep my tootsies warm.


4. Cinnamon Vanilla Yankee Candle

I love coming home and lighting a scented candle and this one sounds delicious! I’m yet to try one of these hugely popular Yankee Candles, as I’m not sure if they’re available in New Zealand. But they’re here in Spain, so I’ll make the most of them while I can!


5. Spain Sterling Silver Necklace

I love this necklace! I’m not entirely sure how much longer I’ll be staying in Spain, but I do know it will always hold a special place in my heart (corny much?). This necklace would be a beautiful reminder of the great times I’ve had in Spain, and the heart in the centre (right on Madrid!) makes it even more perfect. This company also make similar necklaces for other countries and states, so it’s worth a look!


6. Dakine Baker 16L Pack – Octane

I’m constantly going away for the weekend here (that’s what travellers do). And too often I’m borrowing my flatmates backpack, as I realise my handbag won’t be suitable for the backpacking-style weekend I’m about to embark on. So I really want my very own, good quality backpack, that can also be used as carry-on luggage when flying. My favourite colour is red, so I think this one is perfect. I want it.


7. New Zealand Map Watch

I also found is this cool New Zealand map watch on Etsy. I’ve seen a few watches with a world map on the face before, but this is the first New Zealand one I’ve seen. I think it’s really cute and simple. The perfect expat Christmas gift for Kiwis.


8. Nike Fly Knit Air Max Shoes

I haven’t been running in over a month and am starting to feel like a sloth, especially with all the wine, tapas and churros I’ve been eating here in Spain. No doubt the holiday season won’t help me feel any better, so I think some new shoes will be just the motivation I need to get out on the freezing cold streets of Madrid and start running again!



So that’s my Christmas wish list, is there anything on it you want too? What expat Christmas gifts do you want this year? Marry Christmas!



  1. Love these Christmas gift ideas!! I asked for a lattitude and longitude necklace with the coordinates of Madrid this year! I also have a NY state necklace that I like to wear here to remind me of home. Corny? Maybe. Still love the idea? Obviously.

  2. These are such unique picks! Hope you get one of those this holiday season 🙂
    Everything The North Face does is such good quality and that coat looks sooo warm! If I didn’t have a billion other coats I love (I might have a problem) I would add it to my list as well.

  3. I love those socks — those are much more affordable than the Hunter boots themselves! And I hear you about coats, its bad enough sitting on a cold surface in the wintertime, but I don’t want my rear being cold anytime I’m outside either!

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