What happens at an expat Christmas in London…

So I’m back after a lovely holiday break

I travelled to 3 countries over this break, England, Scotland and Ireland, and had an absolutely amazing time! It wasn’t even as cold as I thought it was be! (I’m scared of the cold, and had imagined these places being more like Lapland – thank goodness they weren’t).

Anyway, I thought I’d share a blog post about the amazing expat Christmas in London I experienced.




Firstly holy-moly, there are SO MANY Kiwi expats in London.

It felt like I was at home, as everyone I seemed to meet was from New Zealand, and we had mutual friends!

In 2001, the UK Census survey counted more than 58,000 kiwis living in the UK with over 70% of these living in the London area. (I realize this was over 10 years ago, but I couldn’t find any updated stats, and I assume numbers have only but grown)

It’s so different to here in Spain, where I only know maybe 3 other Kiwis here.

Anyway, what’s great about this is it made Christmas Day feel super homely and special.




All up we were 15 Kiwis, an Aussie and a Canadian.

That’s 17 people, who all brought far too much food (and alcohol).

We had an amazing Christmas lunch, with 3 different roast meats, roast veges, stuffing, salads and gravy… so delicious.




Dessert was apple crumble (made by yours truly), meringues with kiwi fruit, assorted cakes and Belgian chocolate from a kiwi expat living in Brussels, who popped over for the celebration.

A 5€ secret santa present was swapped, Christmas songs were playing and believe it or not the sun was actually shining through the windows (until it set at 4pm). It was pretty amazing.

The evening turned into night and our jolly Christmas party, found it’s way to notorious Kiwi/Aussie bar in Fulham, where we must of joined at least another 100+ Kiwi/Aussie expats (no joke), celebrating away.




As you can imagine the next day was pretty mellow. I only left the house once,  to get a tikka-masala from the local curry shop.

All in all, it was great. (Christmas, and that tikka-masala)

London is probably the best place to spend Christmas as a Kiwi Expat.


  1. Sounds like you had a wicked christmas! You were lucky with the winter weather, its definitely got a little bit chilly now – 10 years in England and I still cry at least once each winter as I’m too cold! xx

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