A Kiwi Expat in Melbourne II

Meet Becky. A Kiwi Expat in Melbourne.


Where have you been living as a Kiwi expat?


What took you there, what do you do?

I was originally thinking of moving to London but it seemed a bit far away and I thought Melbourne was very similar in terms of the diversity and cultural vibe it has. Also I met my partner while travelling through Europe, he is originally from Perth so we thought Melbourne would be a good halfway point for both of us. I work in advertising.

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How do you find living overseas on your own – have you ever lived alone before?

I arrived before Paul and stayed with a cousin until I got on my feet. I have to say it is both scary and exciting arriving in a new country with just a suitcase ready to see what happens with your life next. Having someone to stay with really helped in that process. When I got a job a few weeks later I moved into a flat with 2 other girls (who I thought were very lovely) but by the end of a few months turned out to be vegan, earth loving hippies. Just as well as Paul arrived and we found a great apartment together and created a home. This has really helped me settle in to living in a new city.

Now, Melbourne!

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Your favourite spots in the city?

I have a few favs where I live in Prahan is amazing, South Melboune,
St Kilda and Fitzroy.

What do you miss most about home?

I miss my family, friends, cats and the green rolling hills.

Hardest/ worst thing about living there?

Being away from my Mum we are really close and try to keep in contact as much as we can. Also the heat in summer is something I have never experienced before we had a heat wave last week the days and nights were in the 40’s so hot!!!!!

Best thing about living abroad?

Experiencing new things. That’s what I love about Melbourne there’s always something going on a festival, bars, cafes, sporting events. I love to explore so going on day trips just out of the city has been great.

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Any Must-do’s for Melbourne first-timers?

Check out the Laneways around Flinders Lane, Take a bike ride along St Kilda Beach, Have a drink at a rooftop bar (If it’s summer head to a rooftop cinema), Watch a show at the theatre. Go for a stroll down Brunswick or Chapel street. Check out the South Melbourne markets.

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Best thing that’s happened to you in Melbourne?

I have found that because there are so many people not from Melbourne everyone is so more open to being friends and really makes an effort to do things together. I have made friends here that I will keep forever. I love that there are so many different suburbs you often stumble upon a place or a street that you end up falling in love with just because you took the wrong turn.

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