12 home comforts from New Zealand you’ll miss when you leave

1. Walking around in jandals all year

 (they’re just practical aren’t they) 


2. And for that matter, calling them jandals and being understood

 (it just rolls off the tongue much better than flip flops)


3. Hearty bakery meal combos



4. Beaches where you can actually find a spot to put your towel

(yeah summer in Marbella sounds great, until the rest of the world gets to the beach before you)


5. Flat whites

(because coffee.)


6. Feijoas

feijoas (like actually, which other country has these? I have never found them abroad… maybe I’m just going to the wrong places)


7. Briscoes Sales


(you’ll mock them until you need one, and suddenly there’s none anymore)


 8. BYO restaurants


(because pre-gaming at a restaurant is always more fun)


9. The sound of native birds

i-like-birds-in-frame(Yes Auckland Airport, I’m down with your Arrivals soundtrack)

(image courtesy of The Paperboard Society – awesome local NZ art, check it out!)


10. Warm weather at Christmas

(yay white christmas…over it.)


11. Deep-fried everything.

(Fish, fritters, donuts, sushi, Mars bars…nom)


12. Tim Tam Slams

timtamslam(Especially with the new Coconut Cream Flavour… omg… Red Velvet Flavour, you’re next.)



I know I’ve missed heaps of others… What other home comforts from New Zealand do you miss when you’re away? 

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