21 influencing Instagram accounts that repost travel photos

21 Influencing Instagram accounts that repost travel photos

high influencing instagram accounts that repost travel photos

One of the best ways to increase your Instagram following is to get your photos reposted on accounts bigger than yours.

It widens the reach of your Instagram reach and introduces your Instagram account style to a whole new audience. However, getting reposted is much easier said than done. With millions of pics being uploaded to Instagram every minute (I just made that statistic up, but i can’t be far off?), there’s a lot of competition out there, so you need to know how to better your chances of being regrammed!

5 Quick tips to help get your insta pics regrammed:

  1. Make sure your photo is awesomelike REAL AWESOME.
  2. Make sure your photo suits the style of the account you want to regram you – both content & colour tones.
  3. Only use clever, niche #hashtags that mean something… I’ve done a whole post on this too 16 Awesome Travel Hashtags
  4. Go local – tag in Instagram accounts local to where you are eg. #VisitSpain #ILoveSydney #TopNewYorkPhoto etc.
  5. Engage – look through the other photos on the account you want to regram you and  like and comment – build rapport!


Now that we’ve sorted that, let’s see some of the accounts that MIGHT actually repost your best instagram pics…

@MatadorNetwork – #TravelStoke

@BeautifulDestinations – #BeautifulDestinations

@BBC_Travel – #BBCTravel

@WorldNomads – #WorldNomads

@CNTraveler – #IAmATraveler

 @Huffington Post – #HuffPostGram

@TheWanderlusty – #TheWanderlusty

@Travel + Leisure – #TLPicks

@WorldPlaces – #WorldPlaces

@WeFoundLuxury- #wefoundluxury


We found luxury.. like REAL LUXURY! Can you just imagine sitting poolside watching this… via @kawalk_

A post shared by #wefoundluxury for features (@wefoundluxury) on

@Wilderness_Culture -#WildernessCulture

@BestVacations – #BestVacations

@TheGlobeWanderer – #TheGlobeWanderer

@TravelChannel – #LiveTravelChannel

@FodorsTravel – #FodorsOnTheGo



And 6 just for the girls…

@GirlGoneInternational – #GirlGI

@DarlingEscapes – #DarlingEscapes

@RadGirlsCollective – #RadGirlsLife

@GirlsLoveTravel – #GirlsLoveTravel

@DameTraveler – #DameTraveler

@WeAreTravelLadies – #WeAreTravelLadies



^^that’s me! 🙂

And you know, I’d probably repost an awesome travel photo that used the #PassportPacked too!

Think I’ve missed some good ones off the list? Comment below with your favourite travel Instagram accounts that repost pics!

For tips on great Instagram travel hashtags, check out:

16 Great Travel Instagram Hashtags


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21 influencing Instagram accounts that repost pics


  1. Awesome! I have had luck with beautiful destinations off your list but not with some of the other big ones. Backpacker_pics and backpackerstory have been good to us too 🙂

  2. This is a great post. So far I have only had one regard from a major account, and it’s still in queue but this is such a great way to grow accounts.

  3. This is a really helpful post for other travel bloggers. Thank you for putting it together. Also worth checking out Female Travel Bloggers #FemaleTravelBloggers #FTB on Instagram. They repost group members too.

    • Oooh yes! #FemaleTravelBloggers is a great one, and I wasn’t aware it could be shortened to #FTB, so thanks for that!

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