16 Instagram travel hashtags to use to help grow your followers

Instagram is easy to use, but hashtags can be confusing.

While using simple hashtags like #travel #fun & #beach used to work, they’re now completely pointless, as it’s unlikely photos will be found with these words. Now you need to be more creative and use niche hashtags, to give your posts a chance of being found.

To start you off, here’s 16 Instagram travel hashtags (from awesome people I follow) to use this year!




For girls who travel…


For anything breakfast or early-morning related.



For when you experience a moment of luxury on your travels.

We found luxury with #hammocktime (part 2) – enjoying #sunset ☀️ with @plumsnpeachesbikini #wefoundluxury

A post shared by #wefoundluxury for features (@wefoundluxury) on


For gorgeous shots with a luxury feel.


For when you’re up high.

A photo posted by Sara (@sara_bigworldsmallme) on



For bendy travellers.


For pretty floors and the tips of your toes.


For picturesque bikes all by themselves.

A photo posted by The Roman Guy (@theromanguy) on


For fun walls and friends.

A photo posted by Amy Watton (@amylouisewatton) on



For when you’ve been exploring.


For pretty doors.

A photo posted by Jennifer (@jentemple) on



For fun travel shots on the go.

A photo posted by Lorena (@sunshineandlorena) on


For when you look up and a building looks cool.


For jumping.


For incredible sunsets.


For when you’re taking time to yourself.

A photo posted by Pins to Kill (@pinstokill) on


Looking for some inspiration on what to post?
Check out these awesome accounts from New Zealand and stay tuned for more Instagram tips!


I’d love to know what your favourite travel hashtags are!

Comment below if you have one!


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The best travel hashtags for Instagram. Use these popular Instagram travel hashtags to grow your following on your travel blog.


  1. Great article! I frequently use #travel #holiday and #travelgram but recently also discovered few other good ones like #instapassport, #instatravel and #tourist.

  2. Most of the Instagram hashtag round up posts aren’t very interesting….but I immediately opened Instagram on my phone and started applying some of these! Best hashtag roundup I’ve seen, thank you! And I hope you don’t mind if I share this on StumbleUpon.

  3. Just saw this amazing post, just so happened to come across this when I was struggling to come up with hashtags! Ok I’m an Instagram newbie! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Nice! We find that our hashtags are always evolving too, trying to use the correct hashtag for maximum exposure, but you can’t always use the most popular ones since those will always be way overloaded and you’ll easily get lost in the crowd.

  5. Liz just googled travel hashtags and this popped up! I’m so sorry that I’ve been so absent from your blog! Glad to see you’re still at it 😀 I’m working on a post of my own and had just about two of these listed I believe. These are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing

  6. Haha I’m loving this top list! I’d also add #liveauthenic from the hispter Barbie account lol! Fun post, would love to see more like this! 🙂 x
    Juliet @Lacenruffles

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