Kayaking in Auckland: Visit Rangitoto Island by kayak

Kayaking in Auckland.

kayaking in auckland

I went kayaking in Auckland, and it was actually awesome.

I often give Auckland a hard time, because I grew up here and so I have that ‘grass is greener’ mentality, where I tend to rate other cities much higher than my own. (Madrid>>>)

But recently I’ve been trying to really make an effort to fully experience Auckland, and make the most out of living here – after all it is ranked the 3rd best city in the world

So when I got the chance recently to head over to Auckland’s most iconic island, Rangitoto via kayak, I jumped at the opportunity – even though my upper body strength is pretty non-existent.

i am appI went along with I.AM a new Auckland-based fitness app, which pairs personal trainers and unique fitness experiences with eager trainees. It’s a good way to shop around before you settle on a PT or new fitness class, so you know you’ll get one that works you out the way you want it to – whether that be weights based, cardio heavy, pilates, crossfit etc.

Pretty smart really.

Anyway, our trip over to Rangitoto Island was incredible.

I can see why this kind of experience is so popular with tourists, and I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do something like this!

We went out on an absolute stunner of a day in Auckland, with almost still water and no wind. We took just over an hour to paddle to Rangitoto Island in our 2-person kayaks, and the walk up to the summit was about another 40 minutes.

The view from the top was stunning and a good reminder of how gorgeous Auckland is.

Each way you turn, you get a new incredible view. There’s the view back towards Auckland city with the SkyTower poking out the top, and out the other way you can see a sea full of green islands floating in turquoise water.

kayak auckland


I really had the best day.

It’s inspired me to get out and do more in Auckland, especially those things I’d previously written-off as only for tourists.

After all, being a tourist in my own city is a hell of a lot cheaper than being one somewhere else!


Do you have any Auckland tips for a local turned tourist?


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What to do in Auckland, new Zealand. The best way to spend a day in Auckland - kayaking in Auckland.


    • I’ll be honest, it’s not easy! But it was fun – especially since the weather was so freaken nice!

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