10 things I learnt from losing my passport in Vegas

I lost my passport in Las Vegas this one time… it wasn’t very cool, but here’s what I learnt from it.

1. Vegas always wins.

2. Try not to use your passport as I.D if possible – take other forms with you like a driver’s license etc.

3. Carry photocopies of your passport with you.

4. Take note of where your country’s embassy/consulate are in each place you go.

5. If you do lose your passport, the first thing you must do is officially report it missing at the local police station.

6. Next you must contact your embassy/consulate and fill out an incident report – this is rather embarrassing when all your answers allude to the fact that you were just off your face at the time of the incident.

7. Carry spare passport-size photos of yourself – trust me, I had to get some taken and it turned into the biggest mission ever, as every place I went, the machine seemed to be down. Spent a good few hours on this!

8. Calling inter-states in America is expensive – calling our Vegas (Nevada) hotel from Santa Monica (California) cost me about NZ $30!

9. 18 blocks is actually really far – catch a bus.

10. Emergency passports are fricken expensive – try not to need one.

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