Indulging on a Madrid food tour

Madrid food tour

Well, as you might know, I was recently teaching English in Spain.

What you might NOT know, is that I was also doing some comm’s work for Madrid Food Tour.

As one of the job perks, I got to tag along on a couple of their food tours and indulge in some scrumptious Spanish delicacies.

Now, I know this probably sounds really bias as I just admitted to working for them, but their tours are actually really awesome! Though they are not cheap, I’d definitely recommend them – my friend Leah recently took one and loved it.

Here’s a quick rundown of my 6 favourite eats from their various tours, complete with #foodporn pics.

1. Jamón (Spanish Ham)

Yum, my all time favourite Spanish food. I wish it was as readily available in New Zealand as it is in Spain.

madrid food tour - best food tour in madrid


2. Buying Nun cookies in a convent

Yup, you go into a convent and buy cookies, freshly baked by nuns in a convent, using a secret turning door, so you can’t see the nuns and they can’t see you. True story.

best cookies in madrid


3. Regalito de Rabo de Toro (bulls tail in pastry)

Might sound a little weird, but it’s seriously good. The meat is super tender and the pastry is deliciously tasty – you’ll probably want two.

best food in madrid spain


4. Champiñones (mushrooms)

Fried garlic mushrooms from Madrid’s most famous mushroom salon. A little touristy, but well-worth a quick stop.

best food in madrid - mushrooms


5. Pimientos de Padron (fried peppers)

I tried these first in Santiago de Compostela, when I was working in a hostel and ever since I’ve loved them. Simply delicious.

best food in madrid - peppers de padrones


6. Churros con Chocolaté

I actually think the best one in Madrid are from Chocolateria Valor, but the ones you get on the Huertas tour are pretty decent too.

best churros in madrid


So they are my favourite bites from the various tours offered by Madrid Food Tour! Of course, you get to try heaps of other yummy things on the tours too! If you do a tour, let me know 🙂


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