12 Morocco Travel Tips

After my own rocky adventure in Morocco, I thought I’d share a few Morocco travel tips that I think might make your to this exciting country more comfortable and enjoyable…



1. Upgrade!

Don’t stay in budget places. We stayed in super cheap hostels (like unbelievably cheap), which were obviously great for our wallets, but thats was about it. Unless you don’t mind rotting showers, cockroaches and worst of all bed bugs, spend the extra money – it’s worth it!


2. See Marrakech, but then move on

Spend a maximum of 2-3 days in Marrakech. It’s a great city and exploring the souks is really fun – BUT it’s super busy, which I found quite overwhelming after a while. I much preferred being out in more rural areas, exploring quieter villages. They had much more of an ‘intrepid‘ feel, which I assume is what most travellers in Morocco are after.



3. Be wary

Don’t trust anyone who approaches you – especially in Marrakech. If someone approaches you and asks you if you’re lost, ignore them, even if you are lost. If you engage with them, it’s likely they’ll insist you pay them (for helping you) and they can make you feel quite uncomfortable. I know this sounds rude, but it’s easier to just ignore them. If you are lost or need help, approach someone in a shop or restaurant etc. generally they can be trusted – it’s just the sly guys that approach you to be wary of.

If they approach you = NO

If you approach them = OK


4. Allow time to get lost

In saying that, be prepared to get lost. The markets and souks are incredibly big and very easy to get lost in. A friend and I walked in circles several times, while purposely trying to find an exit. Keep this in mind and allow yourself extra time to get out of the souks.


5. Allergies

Living in Spain I sometimes forget I’m prone to allergies, they’re just not a problem here for some reason. But in Marrakech especially, they went mad. Take your allergy meds.


6. Bug Spray

Take bug spray, especially for at night if your accommodation has open areas, which most do as that’s the style of many riad’s in Morocco.




7. Barter

Bartering is a must – take at least half off the price they offer and then probably even a little more. But don’t be greedy, they probably need the money more than you do.


8. Get out to the Sahara Desert – it’s gorgeous!

Our Sahara Desert excursion was the highlight of my trip. If youre’ flexible on dates, you could wait until you get to Marrakech to book these, as there are plenty of people selling them in the ‘Big Square ‘ and you can barter with them (make sure you barter, because they’ll start their prices high!). I’d recommend choosing one that is at least 2-3 days long, as the drive out to the desert almost takes an entire day, so an overnight is not enough time.




9. Eat everything

I was advised not to eat the meat in the night markets, but I did it anyway and it was fine – it was delicious too. In fact most of the food we ate was pretty healthy and delicious!

10. Dress conservatively

Especially girls. Don’t wear low cut tops, bottoms above your knees or super tight clothes. I went out shopping with a girl from my hostel one day, and although she was in long gym pants, they were the tight spandex type, and they attracted some pretty intense and unwanted comments. I wouldn’t recommend wearing them! Just be respectful I guess.




11. Speaking of girls…

I know many females are worried about travelling to Morocco in all-girl groups. I went with a male friend of mine and as I dressed quite conservatively the whole time, I never felt uncomfortable or like I was in a dangerous place. Mind you, we were only ever in the touristy places… But from my experience, I think that Morocco would be fine for female travellers, so long as you keep your wits about you – as you should in any country.

12. Sing this:

Download here before you leave for a catchy singalong.



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12 travel tips for females travelling to Morocco. How to stay safe in Morocco, and enjoy your trip.


  1. We are going to Casablanca only for two days we want to get out of Casablanca for one day we were thinking marakesh. Do you think this would be the best choice to really get a taste of Morocco since Casablanca is so big? Do you have a better place? How about fez?

    • Yes, Marrakech is great! One day isn’t much but you’ll get so see the big square and explore the souks. I’ve also heard that there are some pretty gorgeous seaside towns, that might be closer for you. Casablanca to Marrakech just for one day is quite a journey! have fun either way though!

  2. Hi, thank you for the advice! I was wondering how did you get to the rural areas and villages and what did you do there/how did you explore them? 🙂

    • No probs! We took a tour in a minivan out to the rural areas – we booked this in the Big Square. We also used the train a few times, which was easy to use but really hot.

  3. Thanks so much for the useful information.My husband & myself is planning to visit Morocco early 2017.These information really help.
    Tq again

  4. Heyy !! I wondered if you thought it would be safe for 2 girls to go together? ><

  5. Hi, thanks gor the tips 😉 i am looking at airbnb places that are around $80 usd. Do you think they are good options? Or should i go to a more expensive hotel? I want to live the real morocco experience but without bugs!

    • For this amount I think you will be fine! I got bed bugs in a place that was more like $10 per night… cheap and nasty! You should be able to get something pretty awesome for $80!

  6. Hey, just curious you mentioned avoid budget hotels, due to bed bugs, how budget are we talking? I was planning to check mattresses for them, but I really don’t want to risk it on my upcoming trip! Thanks

    • Like super budget. I think the place I got them in cost me something like 4€ a night… looking back now, it seems ridiculous that this is the option I went for!!

  7. Found your post through Pinterest– this is amazing! We’re heading to Morocco in December/January and I’ve had a few questions in my head. You wrote this so well and so clearly. Thanks!! 🙂

  8. Wow, thanks so much for all this information! If I did ever go back to Morocco, I think I would take a tour as getting out into the Sahara was definitely the best part of my trip there! I wish I had spent more time out of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech!

  9. I agree Marrakech is enough for 2-3 days . Its good to get there back later after you make for example private tour in Morocco. Morocco is safe country, but be prepared for lot of cheaters and fake offers, especially in Marrakech. In medina in Marrakech, Fes is really very easy to get lost, always ask for direction shop seller ,as asking just someone on the street can turn into not-wanted paid tour 🙂
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    • Wow, thanks so much for all this information! If I did ever go back to Morocco, I think I would take a tour as getting out into the Sahara was definitely the best part of my trip there! I wish I had spent more time out of the hustle and bustle of Marrakech!

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