What to Expect on New Years Eve in Madrid

New Years Eve in New Zealand is a HUGE deal.

People literally start organising their New Years plans in June, in order to get tickets to the best festivals, book accommodation and flights before they sell out.

New Years Eve in Madrid is not quite like this…


In Spain it’s much more of a family affair.

Families get together and celebrate with fancy dinner, usually consisting of cordero asado, salad and potatoes. They finish with typical Christmas sweets like turron and polvorones, and drink flutes of cava or champagne (at least we have this in common!)

But, the most unique tradition happens after this, when the clock stikes midnight.

While the rest of the world gets their slut on and tries to find someone to pash, the Spanish simply eat 12 grapes – 1 for each chime of the clock.


Sounds easy, but actually requires some fast chewing.

HOT TIP – buy seedless grapes.

Although many Spaniards do this in their homes while watching the countdown on TV, a lot of people also gather in Puerta del Sol, to watch the official clock and eat grapes with thousands of strangers.


This area is usually packed out by 10pm, so be sure to get there early if you want to have a good viewing spot of the clock (not that there’s much to see).

After this is when people finally go out and celebrate at bars and discotecas.

These parties are called cotillones de nochevieja, and there are loads of them on in Madrid.

It’s best to buy tickets in advance to avoid long(er) queues (let’s be real, you will still be waiting in lines regardless) and get there as soon as you can after the grapes.

Some options of places to go on New Years Eve 2015 in Madrid include:

Moon Dance — (Sol) 13€ with 1 drink
Garamond  — (Retiro) 15€ with 1 drink
Fabrik — (Fuenlabrada) 20€ with 2 drinks
El Doblón — (Diego de Leon) 35€ with open bar
Graf — (Av. de America) 45€ with open bar
Bisu Lounge — (Alonso Cano) 50€ with open bar
Teatro Kapital — (Atocha) 50€ with 4 drinks
Gabana — (Retiro) 65€ with open bar
Joy Eslava — (Sol) 75€ with open bar

These are just some examples – check out your favourite club now to see what they’re offering. Ask for a discount if you have a group or consider buying a table – after all it’s New Years Eve!

But in typical Spanish style, don’t think the night is over after this… you’re not done yet!

It’s tradition the next morning to go for a winter breakfast of  churros con chocolaté – so expect HUGE lines outside of San Gines, Chocolaterías Valor, Chocolat Madrid.


Now you can go home.

So that’s New Years Eve in Madrid!
Whatever you do have a great time, and be safe!



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Note: The above prices are only from NYE 14/15, and may not be available now. Check the websites of the clubs you’re interested in for final details and book in advance.

*Puerta del Sol Image source 


  1. Oh my gosh, how fascinating!! I would love to go to Madrid for a New Years celebration one day now!! How awesome!

    Oh, and thanks so much for linking up with #wanderlust last month. Sorry for the delay in stopping by to read your post – I had surgery in December, and I needed to take a little break from it all. The January linkup is live as of today, and we would love to have you again if you haven’t linked up already! xo

  2. These are great tips! I was reading up on a list of how people celebrate NYE around the world and the Spain version was interesting to me when I saw the grapes as a lover of wine lol.

  3. In my four years here I’ve not once experienced a Spanish NY. If I chose to it would probably be in Madrid after reading this! Great info and mouthwatering choc y churros pic… Got a craving now 😛

      • I wondered what it was as well!^^

        NYE there sounds good! I’ve avoided clubs for years now, so I’d probably try to find a family to adopt me 🙂

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