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Working with Passport Packed gives you access to one of New Zealand’s top travel blogs.

Readers are tech-savvy, stylish and adventurous. They are eager to read about new travel experiences, innovative travel equipment and expat advice from someone they can relate to.

I’m open to different types of working collaborations, including:

  • Sponsored posts
  • Reviews
  • Press trips
  • Competition hosting
  • Copywriting & content creation
  • Social media consulting

Please email me to discuss collaborations.

A sample of the brands I’ve worked with before include;



Also, did you know I’m a featured writer for TripAdvisor?

This means TripAdvisor commission me to create specific pieces of content – not just reviews!

At the moment I am only writing official TripAdvisor guides for areas in New Zealand and Australia.

If you’d like to learn more about this, please feel free to email me.



  1. Hay Liz,

    You have an awesome blog and it’s just what I’ve been searching for! I’m in my twenties too and my husband and I are really looking forward to our future travelling experiences in the big wide world!

    I will be following your blog closely however hoping to find any more blog/website recommendations you have? Do you have a favourite blogger you follow? I love the kiwi perspective but I’m sure there are many different bloggers all around the world too.

    Thanks so much,

  2. Hi Liz,

    I read the article for NYE in Madrid, I’m looking forward to it as I’ve been here 6 years but never for New Year’s. But while perusing the page I of course saw you’re from NZ, and therefore wanted to pick your brain on something. My girlfriend is English, and thinking of moving back to London fairly soon and I would like to stay with her of course and will be looking into a Visa – I’m American. But in the event I can’t find one we’re considering NZ as we’ve heard it might be easier to get a visa there for both of us. Is that true? Or is it like Australia where you can get a short stay visa for jobs as a bartender and such? Just wanted to see if you might know anything in depth or had any personal advice/experience.

    Thanks! Keep up the good articles.


    • Hi Jake, glad you like the posts! Although I’m not 100& on visa’s for NZ (having never needed one myself) I’m pretty sure NZ isn’t very easy to get a visa for – unless you’re from the commonwealth. I imagine your girlfriend could probably get a 2 year working visa quite easily (if she has a degree) but I have a feeling that you would need to have organised work first. Otherwise you would only be able to get a short stay visa. Check with the website, but I’m pretty sure we’re quite strict on these things… though I am really no expert! Check out the US Embassy in NZ’s website for actual details of what you need!

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