Off the beaten path UK holiday destinations

It’s getting cooler in New Zealand, which to me signifies that it’s time to think ahead and start planning a winter holiday.

I’m off to Spain in June, which I’m literally so excited about – once I’ve got all the details sorted I’ll be sure to share them.

Another great option for these warm European months is the United Kingdom, which is the destination that this post is all about. However chances are, you’re probably already more than well acquainted with huge attractions and cities like London, so this post investigates areas a bit more out of the way, and ‘off the beaten path’ for the more intrepid explorer.

3 places I’ve never been in the UK, but would totally check out…

There are loads of places to visit but one of the most essential spots has to be the Cotswolds – with rolling hills, lush forests, and arguably some of the most exciting sporting events in the UK.


1. Experience the Beauty of the Forest

The Forest of Dean is a pristine, ancient woodland, meaning that it has remained virtually untouched since 1600. This particular forest was once a royal hunting ground and today remains a popular destination for lovers of both nature and movies. It has long been a popular filming location with the Harry Potter movies, Doctor Who, and even Star Wars: The Force Awakens all having filmed scenes in the famous location. This has greatly boosted the visibility of the location as a tourist attraction much in the same way the Lord of the Rings increased the already substantial popularity of New Zealand as a destination.


Feel the Thrill of the Chase at the Grand National

The legendary Grand National is one of the biggest horse races in the world and takes place at the beginning of each spring and is attended by thousands of spectators and watched by millions more. It’s been estimated that upward of 500 to 600 million people in more than 140 countries tune in to the race making it an essential staple of British culture that has to be seen to be believed. This year’s event has already come and gone—and brought with it plenty of intriguing headlines and stories—but there are still plenty of races to see or you can start planning for next year.

Off the beaten path UK holiday blog

3. Excitement for Your Ears and Stomach

For go-getters looking for a bit of fun, there’s the Big Feastival, a three-day festival of music and food held at Alex James’ (the bass player from Blur!) farm in the Cotswolds. Unlike Glastonbury or Reading, the Feastival is a more low-key, chilled out affair. It hosts a wide variety of musicians and huge variety of artisan food. There are also several notable historical sights nearby, such as Gloucester Cathedral, the Chipping Camden market and a top-notch distillery.

So whether you’re new to the UK or just looking to do something different, the Cotswolds have something for everyone and it sounds like they won’t disappoint.


  1. Hi Liz
    Loved your post! We particularly like the Forest of Dean, too. A lot of our holiday properties are based near the attractions you mention. It’s great to see someone from abroad appreciating these places!
    The UK has so much to offer holidaymakers, both in our cities and in the countryside. We feel our beaches offer something quite unique; Devon, Cornwall and Dorset all have unspoilt beaches very different from those you find in the Mediterranean.
    In addition to the Grand National, another major event in the UK horse racing calendar is the Cheltenham festival. We have several cottages near Cheltenham ideally placed for enjoying a flutter at this superb event.
    Please take a look at out website for further details:

  2. I have not done any of the above either! So much in the UK I still really want to go back and do. Jealous you’re off to Spain AGAIN in June! How do you score the time off?

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