Stay in touch with Personalised Postcards

Keeping in touch with friends and family at home, while travelling is much easier said than done.

Although the intention is usually there, limited internet access, timezone differences and just a lack of free-time in busy traveller schedules, often make it difficult to reach out regularly.

Unfortunately, this is the nature of travel.

I mean, you’re meant to be busy. You’re not meant to have ample time to reach out to everyone you miss at home at all times. You’re meant to be out seeing places, doing things and making the most of your travels.

However, when you do find time to contact home, why not be a little more creative and thoughtful than a simple Facebook message and status update?

Why not surprise someone, with a personalised postcard from your travels?

This is the brilliant idea of Lettr.

Lettr is a new web-based service that allows you to send real personalised postcards from anywhere in the world.

Simply log in with Facebook, select a photo for your postcard (from Facebook or your desktop), write your message and click send.

Lettr will print your postcard in the US and send it out to anywhere in the world the next day.

Personalise your own postcards

Personalise your own postcards

Each postcard comes with a small printed map in the corner, showing where the card has been ordered from. (ie. where you are) and can be personalised further with the option of including a hand-drawn signature.

I was lucky enough to try out the Lettr service and surprise a good friend of mine in Brisbane, Australia, with a personalized postcard all the way from Tenerife, in Spain’s Canary Islands.

Screen Shot 2014-05-30 at 4.36.54 PM

It took about 18 days for the postcard to arrive (not bad, considering the distance) and it was a great surprise for her!

I hadn’t told her it was coming, as I know how exciting it is to receive actual mail in the letterbox – especially when it’s something personal, and not just a bill or piece of direct marketing.

It now hangs on her fridge – where every great postcard should end up!


My friend also noted that the quality of both the actual cardboard and graphics, was what she would expect in a postcard,  and the message and map on the back was clear.

Overall, I was really happy with the service provided by Lettr, and it’s something I’d use again.

My next Lettr recipient will be my Great Aunt – I can admit this here, as she doesn’t have the internet, so she can’t read this, nor can she keep up with my travels on Facebook.

Lettr seems like the perfect surprise for her.



Good News! 

Passport Packed and Lettr have teamed up, and have a limited amount of FREE* postcards to giveaway!

We’re offering the first 10 Passport Packed readers who click the link below ONE FREE PERSONALISED POSTCARD* to anywhere in the world.

Simply CLICK HERE to see if there’s a free postcard left for you!


*After clicking the above link, you will be given the option to create your own postcard. Once finished creating it, you will be shown the cost – if this is $0.00, congratulations, you are one of the first 10 readers to click through. All click-throughs after these 10, will be charged at the normal Lettr rate, and it will be shown at the online check-out. Once the 10 free postcards have gone, there will be no further discounts.





  1. What a fantastic idea! I often think about sending post cards when I’m travelling but then the thought of finding a stamp and then a post box or having to try to work it all out in a foreign language makes it too hard so I just put photos on facebook but personally I really enjoy receiving post cards and I bet others do too!

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