30+ hours worth of Plane Food

Travelling the world is all fun and games, until you’re sat on a plane and in airline transit lounges for extended periods of time.

Flying from Spain to New Zealand is possibly one of the farthest distances you can travel, geometrically speaking and it’s a journey I’ve made several times now.

My recent journey home to Auckland from Madrid was made up of 4 flights, on 3 airlines and took more than 30 hours (not including my day layover in London, which I chose to have).

EasyJet: Madrid – London (2.5 hours)
1 day layover 
Qantas: London – Dubai (7 hours)
2 hour layover 
Qantas: Dubai – Melbourne (14 hours)
3 hour layover 
Emirates: Melbourne – Auckland (3.5 hours)

With a bit of time to kill onboard my flight(s), I thought I’d draft up a bit of a foodie review on what 30+ hours of flying looks like in plane food.
Here’s what I was treated to:

Meal 1: Dinner with Qantas (flight 1)
Dinner-2.jpgOne cold bread roll straight from the refrigerator, rice salad with feta and lettuce (what?), chicken curry served with beans and more rice, a chocolate mousse and diet coke to wash it all down. Rating 2/5

Meal 2: Breakfast Snack with Qantas (flight 1)
snack.jpgA surprisingly delicious raspberry and white chocolate muffin bar served with healthy dose of vitamin C in the form of orange juice. Rating 3/5

Meal 3: Dinner with Qantas (flight 2)
dinner-4.jpgAnother bread roll just how I like it (defrosting), fresh salad, macaroni and cheese (that’s both the title and recipe) capsicum drizzled in tomato sauce and a raspberry mousse (with skin on the top. ugh) Rating 0.5/5

Meal 4: Breakfast with Qantas (flight 2)
Breakfast-1.jpgI’m a bit of a breakfast person, so I didn’t mind this too much: Fresh fruit salad, bircher muesli bowl (twas no Pret, but not bad!), one plain dry refrigerated muffin, a raspberry yoghurt, orange juice and instant coffee. Rating: 3/5

Meal 5: Breakfast with Emirates
breakfast-3.jpgBut I just had breakfast? Ooh double breakfast!! Emirates served up another fruit salad and a hot breakfast consisting of half a raw tomato, a cheese omelette (no, that’s not a banana) spinach (serious choking hazard) and some potatoes. It was all a bit below average, but then I picked up the croissant and realised it was served at room temperature – incredible. Rating 3/5


  1. Oh I did the same when I flew Qantas last year to NZ. Actually my ‘special needs’ lactose free/gluten free food looked a bit better than what you go. I found the food out of Dubai to not be great, but all the other flights were excellent. Out of UK they had soft (soft!) gluten free bread even. I flew Lan Chile for the last leg and they gave me lunch I think from memory, but my body had no clue what time of day it was by then.

    • I’m usually not too fussy to be honest, as I like the distraction from the boredom – but man, some of those dishes needed some nigella-like attention!

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