Ready for my new travel bag crush?

My boyfriend is a little obsessed with Kickstarter-type websites and is often “investing” (I use this term loosely, as he’s yet to get anything back) in random prototype investments that people have created. He goes for things that are super niche (read: random/ unnecessary) like these fold up measuring spoons

He spent $30 on two sets of these, which I know isn’t a mountain of money, but for someone who doesn’t even bake/cook in general, it’s quite a lavish purchase. (NB: he hasn’t received these either).

Anyway, while I’m not usually one for these kinds of things, there is one pretty cool Indiegogo campaign that recently captured my attention…

Introducing READY luggage on Indiegogo.


best carry on luggage


“READY is a stylish and smart carry-on that makes your trip as convenient as possible. It has a built-in charger and weight scale and is made from aircraft grade aluminum and 100% polycarbonate making it water resistant, scratch resistant and impact resistant”

I got that from their website, which obviously sounds all well and good… but if I’m honest, it’s the below GIF’s that really got my attention:

ready travel bag


ready travel luggage


best travel bag ready luggage


I’ve never been in a situation where I’ve needed to use my suitcase as a chopping board before, but now that I know I can, I might start storing my luggage in the kitchen.

But seriously, the included weight sensor in the suitcase’s handle is genius – there’s nothing worse than having to take things out of your suitcase at the airport check-in desk because your bag’s too heavy – and the built-in battery for charging USB devices seems like another innovation we soon wouldn’t want to live without.

Anyway, I’m clearly not the only one who thinks this luggage looks pretty decent, as their crowdfunding campaign raised $50K in just three days! So now they’re going into mass production which means hopefully we’ll see some of these clever bags in airports lounges soon!

Nice one.

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