Planning a Road Trip in Australia

Road trip in Australia.



My last holiday was almost two months ago now, so naturally my feet are starting to get a little itchy…

I’ve been looking at different holiday options, and while I’m pretty set on a winter escape to Bali next year, this will just be what I call a ‘holiday-holiday’ – you know; stay at a resort, lay in the sun, eat good food… be a complete tourist.

Don’t judge me ‘holiday-holidays’ are totally necessary sometimes – everyone has them!

But what I’d also like to do and what takes a fair bit more planning, is have a ‘travel-holiday’. This differs from the ‘holiday-holiday’, as it’s a bit more intrepid, you explore an area deeper, and often move from place to place – think backpacking or road tripping etc.

It’s this type of holiday that I think Australia could be perfect for…


Road trip in Australia

The idea of a road trip through Australia first came to me after after my recent road trip through New Zealand’s North Island. I think campervan travel hooked me immediately really, having the freedom to take whatever road you like (back roads recommended!) and stop whenever you like, is life changing, and stress relieving! No more long bus rides, early train departures or expensive flights!

Of course, there are other ways to go about a road trip, there’s also the option of buying a car in Australia – no doubt it’ll go a bit faster than a campervan and if you’re going for a long trip (or even planning on living there afterwards) it might work out more cost-efficient.

Or the best idea would be to pimp out your own van… check out Van Life Diaries, on Instagram for a bit of inspiration!

The hardest part is deciding what itinerary to follow.

Australia is HUGE. Like massive. It’s unlikely you’d want to do it all in one go, unless you had the best part of a year free (and a heap of money, because man, Australian isn’t cheap!) I think shorter city-to-city breaks are the way to go.

Options could be…

Melbourne to Adelaide

Taking the Great Ocean Road to see the Twelve Apostles is pretty much an Aussie Rite of Passage. It’d be a stunning drive, and if you went right along the coast the whole way without stopping it would take about 14 hours. But you’d want to stop along the way, though, so breaking this route down over a few days would work really well! And the Barossa Valley sounds like a wonderful place for a finish line to me!

Adelaide to Perth

For a longer road trip, this adventure would be about 29-30 hours non-stop, or a comfortable weeklong cruise… You’d still get to see the Barossa Valley and as stunning as Pinterest tells me this place is, it might be fighting for the most dazzling place on the trip with the Pink Lake, how incredible does that look! This picture is really all I need to make me want to do this journey…

Sydney to Brisbane (and then Cairns)

The thing with this option for me, is that if I’m starting in Sydney, I’ll want at least three days in this city before I start my road trip… Sydney is too cool to just depart from right away! So that automatically adds on a few days to this option (if not a week!).

Then from here it’d be such a beautiful drive straight up the coast, stopping in places little towns, to lay on the beach and possibly even learn how to surf! This option also includes the Gold Coast, which is always super fun, with multiple theme parks and buzzing nightlife. Then, time-permitting, there’s the option of cruising right on up to Cairns! (I say that like it’s close… it’s an extra 20 hours straight, so at least 3 days!) But by the looks of the rainforest and wildlife up there, I think it’d be worth it!

Alice Springs…

I want to include this, but I don’t really know how… it’s just so far away from everywhere! I’m sure seeing Uluru (Ayers Rock) would be incredible, perhaps this one is best flown to. (I actually saw it once out my plane window on a flight to Dubai.)


Putting this all down and words has made me even more keen to do it. And I think, to road trip through Australia properly, I’d probably want at least 3 weeks, and if I had to choose today, the Sydney to Cairns option would win… thought this could just be because that was the last one I looked up.

If you’ve got any thoughts or recommendations for a ‘travel-holiday’ like this, let me know! I need to plan it early so I can put in leave for it!


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