Just like a local: Rome Vespa Tour

When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Whizzing around on a Rome vespa tour, taking in the sites and stopping only for photos and gelato, has been a dream of mine ever since I saw the Lizzie McGuire movie when I was in my tweens.

scooter tour in rome

This year, I lived that dream.

Well, more or less… I wasn’t taken in by an Italian popstar, but I was treated to a fabulous night Vespa Tour in Rome with My Vespa Tours Rome.

They rent out vespas you can drive yourselves, but having just driven a rental car around Tuscany with the mountainous insurance excess figure looming over our heads, was terrifying enough.

So we opted for a personal tour, and we each got our own fabulous private driver.

I’ve done scooter tours before, the last ones being in Ho Chi Minh City with Vietnam Vespa Adventures (which were incredible!!) so I was super excited to hoon around Rome on this guided tour.

And I wasn’t disappointed.

rome by vespa1

Our night tour started just as the sun setting and our guides buzzed around all the key tourist attractions, which were still swarming with visitors, who promptly got out of our way.

We stopped along the way and our guides told us the history of various buildings, statues and Roman ruins. They knew their stuff and were great storytellers.

As we cruised around the sun set, giving us an awesome new perspective on the sites of Rome, with a night backdrop, and styled spotlights.

The Vatican is especially incredible at night.

Our tour finished at one of the highest lookouts in Rome, where we sat and admired the view with a bottle of prosecco.

vespa rome tour

It was an awesome tour, and one that I’d especially recommend doing in your first few days in Rome, to give you an overview of the city.

Thanks to My Vespa Tours for an amazing night!


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Explore Rome like a local! Get off the beaten path in Rome on a vespa tour and discover Rome's best kept secrets. The best thing to do in Rome!

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