Sail Croatia Premier Ship Review

Sail Croatia Review – Premier Ship

This past summer I flooded my Instagram with stunning photos from what has to be one of the best travel experiences in Europe, a Sail Croatia cruise.

While my friends back in New Zealand were working through winter (earning decent coin), I was soaking up the sun on a superyacht in the Adriatic sea (spending a lot of coin)… 

It was bliss.

We sailed in the morning, went swimming off our boat, enjoyed incredible lunches, sunbathed in the afternoon and then docked at different island ports each evening. At night we’d head out for dinner and drinks before stumbling back to the boat before departure the next morning. A pretty luxurious routine, don’t you think?

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Sail Croatia Review



A friend and I had booked a Split return Navigator cruise with Sail Croatia, onboard a Premier Ship (pictured above) which we booked after hearing horror stories about non-airconditioned ships (I know, #firstworldproblems).

Regardless of how we came to this decision, it was honestly such a bomb decision.

The Premier Ship really made this experience next level and so worth doing – it’s the only way I’d recommend sailing in Croatia.

The facilities on the ship were incredible. We saved a tiny bit of money by choosing a room below deck, and while we didn’t have the sea views that other rooms had (just two small portholes) the sheer size of our room sure made up for that. For a ship cabin, our room was huge! We had our own ensuite, an air-con unit in the room, plenty of space for getting changed – and best of all there were no bunks in sight!

(It’s one thing to sleep on a boat, but to sleep on bunk beds on a boat? No thanks.)


Please excuse the mess and imagine an ensuite to the right.

Please excuse the mess and imagine an ensuite to the right.


The Premier Ship also included WiFi throughout (although this was sometimes patchy), a rooftop deck equipped with sun loungers, a shady back deck dining area (much needed in the 30+ degree heat!), a built-in cocktail bar (expensive but oh-so-convenient) and a large comfortable dining room.

Because our ship was so big, it didn’t rock so much in rough weather, which was especially appreciated after a big night out…

Honestly, I can’t recommend this ship enough, especially after seeing the other ship types (the cheaper ones) many of them looked more like pirate ships than holiday yachts… horrendous. I’ve also heard stories about how the cheaper boats don’t have room locks and often become a target for thieves (…ours had locks).




There was another reason why we chose the Premier Ship, we thought that because it cost a little more than the type of crowd that it attracted would be slightly older. Sail Croatia even the advertise these boats as “perfect for young professionals and young at heart travellers” which was exactly what we were looking for.

Luckily for us, this was exactly what we got.

In a group of around 30 people, the median age was about 26 and they were all awesome.

Overall my experience with Sail Croatia was sensational! 

It’s easily one of the best holidays I’ve ever had (and I’ve had some good ones!). The combination relaxing, swimming, dining and drinking was just perfect. It went far too fast and although I spent more money than I should have, I would do it again in a heartbeat – but only on a Premier Ship of course!

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  1. Your trip sounds amazing! Was this a premier or a premier plus boat?! We have booked premier through Sail Croatia but the photos of the cabins don’t look like yours!

  2. Hi Liz, can you please confirm what trip you did with SailCroatia? The Explorer or the Navigator? Both offer Premier Plus on selected dates. Thanks 🙂

  3. So I’m late to this party but just booked my Sail Croatia Navigator Tour on a Premier Plus boat for this summer, so was googling reviews and found yours! It looks like you had a total blast so I’m even more excited. A few random questions – did all of your electronics (phone chargers, blow dryers) work on the boat? What kind of converters do I need? European? Also, if you don’t mind giving a rough estimate, how much did you spend over the course of the week, including food, excursions, bar on board, etc?!

    • Hey yes, it was awesome – you’ll love it, and you won’t regret splashing out on a decent boat!
      I can’t quite remember about adaptors – best to ask the croatia team, but i think it was european adaptors, and yeah they worked 🙂 And I think I probably spent around $600? But I did do a lot of excursions and drink a lot of booze… all good times though!

  4. I did Sail Croatia a couple of years back and had an absolute blast! It was one of those things people would tell me I “had to do” and they weren’t wrong. I think I was permanently hungover from all the partying, but it was great.

    • Yeah I know what you mean – I don’t think I’ve ever drank as much alcohol in consecutive nights as I did on Sail Croatia!

  5. Sorry for ruining your cabin shot with my mess…

    Such a wicked week – we sure did have fun 🙂 xoxo

  6. My partner and I are about to head off on a six month adventure and have just booked next Summer for Sail Croatia – I did soooo much research as there are so many offering these sorts of tours but I decided to go with the originals on a Premier boat (not Premier Plus) but it was the closest that worked with our plans.

    I hope I am as happy as you with the boat/staff.

    Cannot wait! Check out our blog – we will be on the road in 6 weeks x

    • Hi Madison. I was just wondering how you enjoyed the premier ship and not the premier plus. We’re tossing up at the moment as to what one to choose.
      Thanks 🙂

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