Why you need to go sailing in Croatia

Sailing in Croatia is one of the best holidays I’ve experienced, and it’s not hard to see why…

Sunbathing on a superyacht rooftop, drinking cocktails, diving into turquoise-blue water and partying at beach bars. Sweet right?

Sailing in Croatia is a brilliant addition to your Gap Year (or just fabulous holiday escape!) and an experience you should definitely make the most of if you get the opportunity!


Finished & on the blog. Why you should add a week sailing in #Croatia to your #GapYear adventure.

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Most of the cruises and start in either Split or Dubrovnik. We chose a route that both started and finished in Split, as it was much cheaper to fly into Split from London than it was to fly to Dubrovnik – I think this is fairly standard.

The cruise we chose was the Sail Croatia Navigator Tour on a Premier Ship, which turned out to be such a fabulous choice.

<Click here for a review of a Sail Croatia Premier Ship>

Over seven days we visited some gorgeous seaside towns and island including Hvar, Trstenik, Dubrovnik, Mljet, Korcula and Makarska. They got pretty busy in the evenings, as many of the tour companies (Sail Croatia, Med Sailors, Contiki etc) dock in the same places. This isn’t all bad though, as it means the bars pumping and you get to socialise with people other than just those on your ship.

Our days will be filled with sailing, swimming, sunbathing, eating and exploring. The basic daily routine I slipped into was…

  • Sleep in
  • Indulge in some rooftop sun lounging
  • Lunch (Sail Croatia does lunch very well)
  • More sunbathing
  • Afternoon swim off the boat
  • Explore the new town after the boat docks
  • Go out for a late dinner
  • Head out to an island party (It’s still very much a party tour)
  • Back to the boat by 5am
  • Repeat


Just another day sailing in Croatia #nobiggie

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3 favourite parts:

  1. Swimming off the boat. So awesome.
  2. Dubrovnik: This city is just gorgeous.  You can walk right around the old town on top of the old city walls, and then pop through a literal hole-in-the-wall, to enjoy a cold beer an almost-hidden cliffside bar. (Don’t worry you’ll find it, it’s riddled with tourists – but it still has a hidden feel which is quite magic)
  3. Beach buggy excursion: Each day there are different excursion options put up including white water rafting, group dinners, diving, snorkeling, kayaking etc. I didn’t do them all because they’re a little expensive, but one that really enjoyed was the beach buggy day trip. We cruised off-road to a secluded beach, went swimming and then drove to a winery for a quick drop, before being shuttled back to the boat. It was a great day out.

If I went back now, I’d definitely do a diving excursion too (even if not from Sail Croatia than from one of the dealers in Split), I’ve heard the diving there us pretty amazing – unfortunately, I wasn’t PADI qualified at the time.



Writing about #Croatia today, @sailcroatia is one of the best trips I've ever done

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A few final tips:

  1. Splash out and book a Premier Ship, it’s well worth it! They rock less, have large rooms, WiFi and more importantly air-conditioning. Check out my full review of the Premier Ships.
  2. Buying drinks on board is expensive. The ships use a tab system too, so it’s not until your cruise finishes that you’ll know exactly how much money you spent. You’re not meant to take your own alcohol on board, but nobody checked our bags…
  3. Remember to lock your room. The boats are apparently a target for thieves, especially at night when everyone is off the boat enjoying the nightlife. We never had any problems, but better to be safe than sorry.


More on Sail Croatia: Premier Ship Review

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  1. Hey Liz! I have some questions about your trip!

    When you say there are excursion during the day, is this like rather than sitting on the boat during the day you can go be active? Or is this after the boat has docked? I am reading reviews and it just sounds like a lot of time is spend on the boats during the day rather than on the islands… Did you feel you had enough time to explore? Please email me back if you have the time! Thanks 🙂 Jess

    • Hi Jess, yes so some of the excursions pick you up from the boat (on little boats) and whisk you away to whatever activity you’re doing. Your boat doesn’t usually dock at ports until like 3/4pm each day (I think) so you’re on the boat until then – swimming, sunbathing, having lunch etc. You get the afternoon to explore the places that you dock, but during the day you’re on the boat (or off doing excursions). I really enjoyed it and felt like I had a decent amount of time to explore – the places you visit aren’t huge, but I guess it depends on what you want to do – you won’t be able to do a massive hike or something in each place. More like just a quick look around the hot spots. Hope this helps! I def recommend it 🙂

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