Where to stay in Sydney: Swissotel Sydney Review

A Swissotel Sydney Review.

Let me just start with a picture of an incredibly inviting bed…


swissotel sydney review

Yes, it was even more comfortable than it looks.

(mind you, most beds feel like heaven after a long night in heels, downing cocktails don’t they? … but I swear this one really was pretty magic!)

As you might know from my last post, I recently was in Sydney and attended an awesome travel blogger event. It was amazing – a real highlight for sure, though it wasn’t the only one…


My entire hotel experience was incredible, thanks to Swissotel Sydney.

I can’t rave about this hotel enough.

Not only did the staff there make me feel incredibly special, but the design and furnishings in this hotel were just so super stylish and chic that they even lifted my game, as I subconsciously dressed to match their sophistication – no comfy pants in sight.


swissotel sydney hotel review 2


Swissotel Sydney has recently been renovated several of their top floors and my amazing room – my Premier King room to be precise – was on one of these floors (you remember sexy bed picture right?).

My room was super modern, themed in contrasting charcoal and white colours, and fitted with polished, smooth and sleek pieces of furniture.  Simple and uncluttered, yet strategically structured. I want an apartment designed like this.

The room had a large ensuite bathroom with a pleasant view toward Hyde Park, visible even from in the bath – (well, if you sit up high on your bum and make an effort to look out the window – without such effort you’ll still see out the window but mostly just sky.)

Side note: I love taking a bath in a hotel. It’s so much better than at home.

But yes, the stand alone bath was gorgeous and being able to look out the window from the 22nd floor, while relaxing made it feel so much more luxe. (ahh take me back!)


swissotel sydney review 2


Also worth mentioning is the buffet breakfast… who doesn’t love a buffet breakfast?!

This one was delicious as to be expected, serving all the usual suspects plus a few new offerings including Asian pork buns (yum) and a station to create your own pancakes. (fyi. my favourite food).

The hotel also had an outdoor pool, day spa treatments available (alas, if only I had more time…) and a lively happy hour at the lobby bar (don’t worry, I definitely had time for this).

But aside from all the amazing amenities and services, it was really the staff at Swissotel that made all the difference.

Every interaction I had a with a member of staff was so positive and genuine. They weren’t just the usual robotic customer service niceties, they were actually invested in conversation with me, asking about my activities in Sydney and making specific recommendations suited to me.

Top marks team.


swissotel sydney hotel review
The icing on the cake (quite literally) was the delightful smorgasbord of high-tea treats that was organised for me in my room, which had even been personalised with my blog name in chocolate!

Testament to the effort and extra mile that Swissotel staff go to for their clientele.

They really made me feel so special and a pretty spoilt too.


Thanks so much for having me.


Disclaimer: While Swissotel did not pay for this blog post, they did kindly offer me a complimentary stay.

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