How to teach English in Spain

How to teach English in Spain.


Tapas, travel, sangria and Spanish.

If these sound like the makings of an incredible OE to you, then read on…


There’s a great opportunity for native English speakers (i.e. New Zealanders, Australians etc.) to live the good life and teach English in Spain.

It’s actually the most awesome gig ever.

You don’t even need any formal teaching experience, though you do need to:

  1. Have English as your first language and speak it well
  2. Hold a university qualification (in any field)
  3. Be legally cleared for a visa (i.e. no criminal convictions etc.)

That’s all. Easy peasy.

And I promise it will be worth your while, I know its been one of the best things I’ve ever done!




The programme is called Auxiliares de Conversacion and is run by the Ministry of Education in Spain.

(There are also private organizations that run similar programmes, see BEDA & CIEE)

They place native-English people in schools all over Spain, to assist with the mandatory English classes for students for around 8 months in the year.

You can request which region of Spain you’d like to be in, and whether you’d prefer to work with primary or high school students.

Placements in Madrid work 16 hours a week and are paid 1000€ (tax free) a month, and placements outside of Madrid work 12 hours a week and get paid 700€ – both these pay amounts reflect the cost of living in and outside of Madrid – which are in general pretty cheap!

I entered into the program in Madrid a couple of years ago and loved it so much I stayed for a second year.




I liked it because working part-time meant I had a lot of time to explore Spain, and other countries in Europe, as every weekend was a long weekend!

I also found working with kids was really rewarding (cliché, I know). But I never went home from work stressed, with deadlines or assignments on my mind. I worked my hours, had fun with the kids, and then left at the end of the day to do my own thing.

Fabulous work/life balance.




Oh and living in Spain is AMAZING!


It’s BEAUTIFUL, cheap, full of friendly people, including a large international community.

I made great friends, learnt Spanish and travelled often.

So I’d highly recommend it! Does it sound like your kind of OE?


If you’re interested in finding more out about life as an English teacher (auxiliar de conversacion) in Spain, you may be interested in some of the below articles too:


  1. Hey this looks great! Just wondering, do you need a minimum GPA to be accepted into the program?

  2. I’ve been toying with this idea for ages as an option for life post-grad and your post makes me want to start the application process! I studied abroad in Northern Spain and am dying to get back there! In which part of Spain were you placed?

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