The Trip of a Lifetime

Well it´s been six months since my last post (whoops…) but I promise I´ve a good reason for it…

I´ve been globe trotting; exploring new places, living out of a backpack, making new friends, taking chances and quite frankly, enjoying the trip of a lifetime!

I visited 16 countries in these last six months, a few highlights included; seeing stunning views of New York from the Top of the Rock, trying my luck gambling in Monaco, sipping champagne on a Venetian gondola ride, white water-rafting at the feet of the Austrian Alps, sailing in Croatia, partying hard at Tomorrowland in Belgium and teaching English at a Summer Camp in Spain… ahh I could go on and on!

Anyway now I´m in Madrid, Spain, living with a Spanish family and working as their au pair. It´s a relatively easy lifestyle, and leaves me with a lot of time to explore the city and try my hand at learning Spanish. I plan to stay here for the next year or so, and travel as much as possible when I can.

It´s been the time of my life, and these recent travels have provided me countless stories that I’m excited to share on Passport Packed in the coming weeks, so stay tuned and let me know what you think!


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