5 tips for Cadiz Carnaval

5 tips for Cadiz Carnaval

5 tips for Cadiz Carnaval

I had such a great time last year, I wanted to share a few tips for those going down to celebrate Cadiz Carnaval!



The main problem with the Cadiz Carnaval is that because its so popular, literally ALL the accommodation sells out. I’m talking hostels, hotels, Air BNB´s, Couchsurfing, etc… actually everything in a ‘friendly budget’.

Unless you book super early, you better know someone who knows someone that you can crash with down there cause you’re not gonna find any accommodation at this time. No exaggeration. Cadiz is also located a really tiny strip of land – so options are even more limited.


2. Dress Up!

Everyone dresses up and goes a little hardcore with it. (Think NZ Seven’s, without the actually Seven’s). However make sure you wear something reasonably warm as it is winter, and although it’s not too cold, in the middle of the night it does get a little chilly… Forget costume ideas such as, togas or bikini combinations.



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3. BYO for Botellón!

YES, you can take your own alcohol! Although you’re not allowed to take this on public trains or buses into Cadiz (and yes they probably will check), BUT if you’re going by private bus or are staying in Cadiz (so you’re walking), take as much as you can carry!

The police kind of turn a blind eye at carnival as EVERYONE is drinking in the streets and main squares. It’s a Spanish tradition called ‘botellon’, and is super wallet friendly.
(Botellon happens all around Spain on a fairly frequent basis too).


4. Be cool.

In my experience the Spanish are generally a little bit better at holding their liquor than foreigners… Carnaval is also a family event in Spain, so try not to be a dick.


5. If you can’t make it to Cadiz, find an alternative!

Over this weekend there are Carnaval celebrations all over Spain, so you’re silly if you don’t get to any! There’s another really big one in Tenerife (See image below… man, I love Tenerife), and others in Alicante, Toledo, Ourense and most other cities too..


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If you’re going to Cadiz Carnaval – or any Carnaval event in Spain, I’d love to hear about your experience! Have a great time and let me know what it’s like!


  1. I don’t think I realized until this year, exploring all these Spain- and S.A.-based blogs how widespread a celebration Carnaval is! I mean, I guess on a basic level, I understood, but… now I really want to hit up all of them. Great tips 🙂

  2. Amazing!! It looks like Spain know how to host a really great carnival. I can almost hear the beats of the music just by looking at your pictures. It must be a great way to bring in some brightness during winter too! 🙂

  3. I’ve never really celebrated carnival, but the party in Cadiz looks like so much fun. I’ll have to start planning for next year!

  4. What great tips! I didnt even know there was such a big Carnival celebrating in Cadiz – adding it to my bucket list 🙂

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