10 Tomorrowland Tips for Rookies

After experiencing the madness of the Tomorrowland festival myself, here are 10 Tomorrowland Tips I’d recommend for anyone heading along to the next one…

1. Be organised

Get an official Tomorrowland programme or app, suss it out and plan your days. Seriously there is SO much to see and do, this will help make sure you get through all of it without missing anything.


See, look at all those flags!


2. Wear a watch

Time flies when you’re having fun, and if you need to catch a bus back to Brussells at the end of the night, you don’t want to miss the last one, as the cab ride is rather pricey. It also pays to time your arrival to each stage – especially for the closing act’s. Get there an hour or so early, as these are usually the artists everyone wants to see, and so everything gets pretty packed, pretty fast.


3. Take your flag!

This is fun and you won’t regret it! It’s incredible to see all the different flags flying amongst the crowd when you’re there – so cool, that so many different people from all around the world are there.




4. Dress up!

You’ll see heaps of people in full costumes, some wearing crazy head pieces and hats, and others with painted faces. It’s fun, it’s a festival, wear what you like, you’ll fit in fine. (No qualms if you don’t dress up either)




5. Handbag essentials:

Plasters for blisters, toilet tissue, fold up poncho (got stuck in a perfect storm on Day 2, 2013), sunblock, sunnies, phone.


6. Visit all the stages

Even if you’re not into hardcore trance (like me), go look at the stage. Seriously the designers for Tomorrowland are genius and everything is decked out in the most unbelievable and amazing way – worth a looksie!




7. Mingle

When you favourite artists aren’t playing, take a moment to kick back. There are plenty of areas around Tomorrowland designed for chilling and are nice places to meet other festival goers.


8. Bottle caps*

Buy a coke/water the day before Tomorrowland, drink it and keep the cap. Take the cap with you to Tomorrowland. They DON’T give you caps with the drinks that you buy at Tomorrowland, despite them coming in bottles and it’s a real pain. If you take your own cap, you can chuck it on your drink bottle and head back into the crowd without a worry in the world. (*advice based on my 2013 experience…)




9. Merchandise

Get it on one of the first 2 days. It sells out fast, especially in ‘regular’ sizes. (Also I don’t recommend buying the trucker cap, as the Tomorrowland logo on the front starts to peel off a little in the rain)


10. Sketchy peps

Like anywhere, some people are just there to take advantage of others. Don’t be an idiot. Be safe, have fun.


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Tomorrowland Tips! The Tomorrowland festival in Belgium is the best EDM festival in the world. You need Tomrrowland on your bucket list!


  1. Hi Liz

    Great tips love the idea for the bottle caps and the bag essentials, will read over the list again when I am hitting over 🙂

    Thanks for sharing
    Annie ox

  2. Hi thank you for the tips they’re really helpful!! One question – what size bottle cap should we bring? Will a regular coke bottle cap work with the bottles Tomorrowland sells?

    • hmm, i think they might be a little different, like shorter, as they give out the smaller bottles, not the regular size ones. Otherwise just keep an eye out for the odd cap while you’re there – occasionally you’ll see one on an old bottle – grab it, wash it, and you’re good 🙂

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