Top 5 Places I Would Revisit

Here I’ll list the Top 5 Places I’ve been to before, but would love to visit again.

1. London, England


London never fails to captivate me. Though I’ve been there multiple times before, the thought of going back always warms me – despite the frosty weather there currently.   There’s always new places, events, and exhibitions to see, and the vibrant social scene never fails to impress me.
I like it so much that I often tinker with the idea of actually moving there. As a kiwi, it’s quite easy to get a visa, and besides Australia it’s probably the number one place abroad where kiwis move to, so making connections and settling in is relatively smooth. Hmmmmm….. still tinkering….


2. Rome, Italy


I was lucky to spend my birthday in Rome last year, and really I don’t think I could have chosen a better city. Not only is Rome stunningly beautiful, but the nightlife is great, and made for an absolutely incredible night of celebrations with friends.

However, the problem was that we were only in Rome for the weekend, and with a sleep-in being absolutely necessary after my birthday, we weren’t left with a lot of time to see everything. I feel like we had to rush everywhere, in order to see all the main attractions. I would love to spend more time just walking through the streets and admiring the city as a whole.


3. Hoi An, Vietnam




Hoi An is a little bit of paradise in Vietnam, about half way up the coast. It has beautiful Vietnamese architecture, french-inspired food, long white beaches and probably less than half the tourists of similar beachside towns in Thailand or Bali. It’s also super safe and the locals are really friendly. A must stop for anyone in Vietnam.

I’d go back to relax! Taking advantage of daily massages and spas, and putting orders in for more tailor-made clothes than I need –  a total holiday destination!


4. Las Vegas, USA


Despite the painful hangovers, the money wasted in casinos and even losing my passport, I would do Las Vegas all over again in a heartbeat.

My friends and I had an incredible time; watching several shows, visiting different casinos, clubs and restaurants, getting bargains in the outlet malls, and drinking more cocktails than I can remember. It was AMAZING.


5. Queenstown, New Zealand


I was lucky to visit Queenstown earlier this year, while I was back in New Zealand renewing my Spanish visa. It was actually my first time down in the South Island ever and it was such a treat! I’m fortunate that my Aunt and Uncle live down there and they were the best host’s I could have asked for; taking me all over the place, and sharing informative facts and news about my own country.

I’d like to go back during the summer to endeavour on some of the awesome walking tracks down there, and see a little more of this gorgeous area.


So what do you think? Have you been to any of these places? Do you agree that they’re worth a second (or third, or fourth) look? What would your top places to revisit be?


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  1. I love these places, I actually been to some of these country. But I have never been to New Zealand and have been curious how the architectural design looks.

  2. Oh gosh, I am so desperate to get to Hoi An! And this does not help!! Haha!!
    I would love to revisit Seoul, and Jerusalem (which surprise, surprise, we are doing this year. Ha! And actually, I really HAVE to revisit Tokyo one day soon!!).

    Oh, and thanks so much for linking up with #wanderlust last month. Sorry for the delay in stopping by to read your post – I had surgery in December, and I needed to take a little break from it all. The January linkup is live as of today, and we would love to have you again if you haven’t linked up already! xo

  3. Hello via Wanderlust! London and Rome are on my go-to-next list… I’d love to go to Vietnam one day… but no desire at all to revisit Las Vegas… (not Disneyland, sorry kids but never again!! ) Queenstown was such a gorgeous spot that it’s definitely on my list too… and Singapore for me as it’s been ages and I’d love to stop over on way somewhere else.

  4. Great list! Having visited and loved 4/5 I will absolutely trust you on Hoi An! Love your blog – life in Spain looks amazing, thanks for linking up 🙂

  5. I’d definitely revisit Rome, Las Vegas, and London! I haven’t been to the other, so I can’t speak for them…This summer I’m hoping to visit Las Vegas because last time I was there I was 20 and with my family, not quite the “Vegas experience” one expects. Plus, I was only there for a day because we flew in and out of Vegas on our way to Zion National Park.

    • Oh you’ll have a blast in Vegas! Just don’t let the hot summer weather keep you indoors at the tables!

  6. I’ve been to all of these places too and totally agree with you that they are all worth a revisit! I’d especially love to go back to Las Vegas as I was only a kid when I went there, so naturally didn’t really have the opportunity to enjoy any of the casinos!

    • Yes! You have to go – best way is in a group I think, being that its all about dining, dancing and gambling! Perfect place for a girls weekend!

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