Top Kiwi Bloggers in London

So many Kiwis move to London.


There’s actually over 90,000 Kiwis registered as living in the UK – and based on the fact I run out of fingers and toes when counting people I know in London, I’d say like 75% of that 90k, live in London.

(Disclaimer, total assumption)



I think the whole ‘move to London’ thing is kind of ingrained into kiwi’s as something they should do in life, before settling down in NZ.

I haven’t done it, I moved to Spain instead.

But I like London a lot, and with so many Kiwis over there already, I know it would be super easy to move over and find my feet – so maybe I will?

But at the moment I’m doing the whole ‘I-might-buy-a-house-actually-wait-I-live-in-Auckland-FML-let-me-just-work-for-100-more-years-to-save-a-deposit-first’ thing, so the closest I’m getting to it, is reading the blogs of my favourite Kiwi Bloggers in London.




All based in London, these are some of my favourite Kiwi Expat Bloggers, each with a unique look on London (and Europe) and are must-reads for all Kiwis in London:


If you’re a Kiwi moving to London, you should definetly bookmark these now!

I’m sure there’s others too! Let me know if there’s any other Expat Bloggers you like to follow.


  1. Loved seeing this list because I’ve met most of these bloggers. As a blogger who often writes about American expat life in London it is always intriguing to see it through another perspective. Cheers!

  2. Honestly, after living in London the past few years, I would stay in Spain if I were you. Let’s face it, the reason most Kiwi’s emigrate to London is a lot of other Kiwi’s tend to be there, it’s relatively easy to obtain at least a working visa and it’s an english speaking city. It is also a very good base to travel the rest of Europe (its close to places that are actually nice!). Apart from that, some people yes they see it as exciting, but it depends what you’re into really. If your in to packed nightclubs, international events and concerts, history and cultural diversity then it’s good.. but the attraction to those does seem to fade after a while. The weather is absolutely horrible. NZ doesn’t have the best either, but here its 50x worse. I never thought the weather would affect me so much until I came here! Also there are no decent beaches (Cornwall in UK has 1 or 2 but its too cold or wet to use them). A concrete jungle for sure but like I say – it depends what you like.

    • I would never trade my Madrid experience for one in London…. hahaha, madness. Madrid is too incredible.

  3. Thanks for including me Liz! I suggest you come back to London and then we can have many more fabulous brunches 😀 But whatever you end up doing I look forward to following along!

  4. Was just browsing through this thinking I might pick up some new Kiwi bloggers to follow and I spot myself among the list! So glad you enjoy my little space on the internet, and thank you for sharing!

    When you’re next in London, or I’m next in NZ we will definitely have to try and arrange a coffee or something! x

    PS – the thought of returning to New Zealand and trying to buy a house in Auckland (or even Hamilton) absolutely terrifies me!

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