Uncovering travel blogger secrets with Cheapflights

Recently I was lucky to uncover some new blogger travel secrets with Cheapflights.co.nz and then celebrate the success they’re finding down under.

(FYI. Cheapflights.co.nz is an online search engine for cheap flights… it’s pretty simple.)

They have a strong following in the UK & Europe and we’ll soon be seeing much more of them on this side of the world as they make their presence more well known – An obvious move really, considering how much we Kiwis & Aussies love to travel!

Anyway, they held a blogger event to kick this off this new chapter and celebrate the 8m users down here who’ve already benefited from the cheap flights.


travel blogger event sydney


It was an was awesome event, set at the Ivy Penthouse in the heart Sydney, on one of those days where you thank the heavens that AC was invented. (seriously Sydney, 36°?!)

Guest speakers Deb and Dave from The Planet D gave a pretty inspiring talk on their experience as full-time travel bloggers, which had me wishing I took a pen and paper to jot things down, as my fat fingers kept mucking up my iPhone notes! (damn autocorrect).

I also got to catch up with one my favourite NZ bloggers – the one who actually inspired me to start Passport Packed in the first place, Megan Singleton, of Blogger at Large

Also at the event was fellow Kiwi travel blogger, Katie Bell of The World On My Necklace, who I’ve known of for a while, through a monthly travel link up. So it was great to finally put a face to her blog- especially as it turned out we had so much to chat about! (that happens sometimes with bloggers…)


travel blogger secrets

Megan (Blogger at Large), Katie (World on my Necklace), Kate (Cheapfilghts) and me!

And I’m just going to drop one more name here, because I finally met kick-ass full-time blogger, Liz Carlson of Young Adventuress, which was so awesome. I’ve been following her blog since I was working as an auxiliar in Madrid, as she’d also done the same programme and provided a plethora of useful posts on it. And even though I had a bit of a ‘fan girlmoment when I first spotted her, she was super chatty, interesting and inspiring to talk too – definitely lived up to my blog expectations of her!

Side note: Did I mention that I love hanging out with other bloggers,?! They’re just totally on my wave-length and conversation always comes so naturally. It can be difficult talking about blogging to non-bloggers sometimes, as I often feel like I have to defend what and why I’m doing it – but with other bloggers they just get it, and its nice just to talk about the good and bad parts of it and hear about the amazing opportunities that blogging can lead to.

cheapflights blogger event

Deb (The Planet D), myself & Liz (Young Adventuress)

It was such an awesome night, I’m still buzzing that I was able to go.

One of the key takeaways from the event, were the findings from the Cheapflights Compass research initiative. This research examined the most affordable flight destinations in the Asia Pacific so we Kiwis specifically can save time and money on our next trip.

There’s a whole bunch of really great insights, specifically for travel from NZ, which can be found here.

But in summary, these are my 3 key learnings:

  • Look for flights that depart on a Thursday
  • Book at least 2 months in advance
  • Consider Tonga – as an island destination with some of the cheapest return flights from NZ on average:

“While the most popular Asia Pacific destinations for Kiwis are Australia, India, Fiji, Thailand and Indonesia, Cheapflights research shows strong potential for savings to the most affordable airports, which – based on a national average for return fares – included those in Western Samoa, Tonga, Indonesia, China and Malaysia.”


Food for thought.

All in all, I had a great time – thank so much Cheapflights for a wonderful night!

PS. This Tonga idea is seriously growing on me.


Photocredit: Cheapflights’ photographer – thanks! 


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