Travel Contrasts: NZ Memories vs Realities

Disclaimer: As I sit in bed typing this first sentence, I want to make it clear that I have no idea where I’m going with this post. I just somehow plan to tie into the theme ‘Travel Contrasts’ for this blog link-up.


So a post about Travel Contrasts…hmmm, I guess the obvious idea would be to contrast Spain vs New Zealand – the 2 amazing countries I’ve lived in.

But then it’s kind of silly to compare them, as it’s so obvious that they’re different – I mean, that was the whole point I moved there!

So let’s think of something else…




Well I’ve recently returned to New Zealand (read why I left here) after spending 2 years in Spain teaching English part-time.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to launch into a post about ‘culture shock’ coming home… I think it’s kind of dramatic, when people do that. It’s like, ‘you lived in this country the majority of your life… come on…’.

But I guess there have been a few things I’ve noticed about NZ since being back, that are quite different to how I remembered them. 

(hey look, I found a link to the blog theme!? It might be a weak one, but I’ll run with it..)


blue lake


Things about NZ I remembered differently…

1. Kiwi accent

More distinct than I remember.


2. Nights out

Worse than I remember.
NB. Spain ruined me. The nightlife there was SO good that I’m convinced nothing will ever compare.


3. Cafe food

Better than I remember. Seriously NZ cafe culture is awesome.


4. Supermarkets

More choices than I remember (especially when it comes to canned tuna and potato chips), but also more expensive.


5. People

Larger than I remember.


6. Traffic

Just as bad as I remember.


7. Winter

Not as cold or rainy as I thought! This winter’s actually been pretty swell!



I don’t think i’m contrasting anything anymore, I’m more just sharing my thoughts on this 2015 version of New Zealand… hmmm perhaps this is a good place to stop.

I’ll just pop in some pictures now and think of a snazzy title, so at a glance this post doesn’t look as bizarre as it actually is.


Did this kind of fit the theme?


  1. I can relate to most of these when I go back home to Australia. The accent sounds so much stronger to me now!

  2. I can totally relate! Winter isn’t nearly as bad as what everyone thinks! Then again, living in the UK makes NZ winters look like autumn! Not 100% sure about the cafes and restaurants here. I did love the Kiwi restaurants and cafes in London tho!

    • Oh well I guess cafes in London are a lot better than the cafes in Spain I was used to! they just don’t really have a cafe culture at all over there… they’re more into a bar culture, good beer & olives!

  3. All your differences seem to make sense to me, especially the accent, nightlife and supermarkets!

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