Top marks for this Vietnam Vespa Tour

Top marks for this Vietnam Vespa Tour 

I travelled through Vietnam for two weeks, and out of all the sights I saw and experiences I had – the Vietnam Vespa Tour was my favourite. A ‘must-do’ for tourists in Vietnam!

I first heard about Vietnam Vespa Adventures from a colleague who had previously been part of one of their weeklong tours. She absolutely raved about their tour, despite her initial reservations, and made sure to drill it into my head as a must-do when she found out I was heading to Vietnam (not that I needed much convincing).

I’ve always like motorbikes and one day hope to get one of my own – not because I want to be a bad-ass biker chick, but because being on two wheels just seems so much more fun and freeing than a car.

Anyway, on her recommendation I signed up for the Saigon After Dark tour on my first night in Vietnam, as a way to check out the city and get my bearings on my first night in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City).

Looking back, the idea of ‘getting my bearings’ is ridiculous – whizzing around crowded, bustling streets at night on the back of a Vespa does absolutely nothing for this, but nonetheless it was a great introduction Saigon and was a helluva lot of fun!

The tour included a Vespa pick up from my hotel, and ride to Café Zoom, where the tours begin. Here I met the other guests on my tour and also Steve, the owner of Vietnam Vespa Adventures, which was a really nice touch. He introduced us to our tour guide and personal drivers. (You need a driver on this tour as those streets are crazy! Trust me, you won’t want to drive yourself once you see the traffic) and gave us a bit of background on the company and how he set it all up (very interesting and impressive!).

The Saigon After Dark tour is pretty much a food tour by Vespa… aka. amazing. It lasted around 4 hours and included 4 stops at seemingly hidden street food stalls and bars – seriously, you wouldn’t be able to find these places on your own!

Each stop was super unique and included some really delicious Vietnamese food! I loved that I didn’t have to worry about what to order, or how much to tip, (this was all pre-planned and included in the cost of the tour) so I just focused on trying as many different foods and drinks as I could, including frog-legs, snails, (surprisingly tasty) and Vietnamese coffee (extremely tasty!)

It was an incredible tour, and probably the reason that I’m now food tours are one of the first things I book, when I travel to new cities…

It was so great that at the end of the tour I got in touch with Steve and booked another Vespa tour, for the very next day – this time it was the Glimpse of the Mekong day tour.


This also exceeded my expectations.

Again, I was picked up from my hotel and whizzed over to Steve’s house to meet the rest of our tour group and my new driver. On this tour you’re given the opportunity to actually drive the scooter yourself, as the rural roads are less busy, but having never driven a Vespa myself (and not being insured for it!) I didn’t trust myself and instead chose to sit on the back again so I could take in the views and get plenty of photos!

This scenic adventure took us out of the city, through rural markets, rice fields and over the Mekong River.

The sights were amazing – I took more photos on this day than any other day while I was in Vietnam.

As with the Saigon After Dark tour, all our food and drinks were included in this tour, and at times it felt like the food was never-ending…seriously I ate so much! One of the best meals I had during my whole stay in Vietnam was on this tour, in the middle of a rural market where there were no other tourists in sight – in fact, other than those on my tour, I didn’t see any other westerners the whole day, which was kind of cool.

I totally recommend this tour to anyone who has a spare day up their sleeve in Ho Chi Minh City. Just be sure to wear closed shoes, sunscreen and nothing white – those roads are rather dusty, and you’ll need a good shower by the end of it!

Vietnam Vespa Adventures is run by Steve Mueller, who I found really welcoming and helpful. He also owns Café Zoom, which is worth checking out even if you’re not keen on a Vespa tour – I could have spent hours sitting on that street corner with a delicious Saigon beer, just people-watching!


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