Travel must have: Webjet APP Review

When it comes to travel and booking flights, accommodation, car hire – an APP that does it all is ideal, so you can flick through options on the go.

I recently downloaded the new Webjet APP, to see what it offers.

webjet app review

Here’s my Webjet APP review…

Firstly, like an answer from a typical girl… I like the pretty wanderlust-inspiring pictures in the app, and I think the visual layout is very clean, user-friendly and just generally appealing.

webjet app review 1

And, knowing the APP is made by global company, Webjet, is quite reassuring from a security point of view too. With cybercrime always on the rise, it’s important to only download APP’s from credible sources – so for me, this is a huge plus.

The best part of the APP is the Hotel Search’ function, which shows results on a map, with pricing and the average rating from TripAdvisor. It also shows if hotels have exclusive Webjet pricing, so you know you’re getting a good deal.

webjet app review 2

The Flight Search’ function is great if you know where and when you want to go, but it doesn’t have the “Go Anywhere” feature that some other flight booking APPs have, for when you’re feeling super spontaneous.

It also doesn’t show flight pricing on each calendar day in one view, which is a shame as I quite like this feature… Webjet, please add this. ☺

However it does have a Multi Flight function that many other flight searching APP’s don’t have.

This is handy because you can add on as many flights as you like (Auckland-Los Angeles, Los Angeles-Mexico City, Mexico City-Cancun… my dream holiday atm) and see all the flight options (prices/airlines/duration) at once.

In other APP’s you would have to search these each separately.

This is super useful, even if you just want to book a short stopover – I recently had a 3 days in Dubai on my way back from Italy, which was fantastic.

All up I think the APP is pretty good, and if they added in that calendar feature it could easily become my go-to travel booking APP, as the design is much more pleasing and user-friendly than other comparable APP’s… especially those that have just completely redesigned their layout *cough…Skyscanner*
The Webjet APP is available to download on both Apple i0S and Android devices.

NB. While I was asked to review this APP, the opinions above are my own, promise!

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