Where to eat in Barcelona

Where to eat in Barcelona.

Barcelona is one of those places that everybody just loves.

Similarly to places like Berlin, San Francisco, and Melbourne, you very rarely hear anyone say a bad word about the place, instead you often hear the predictable “Oh I LOVE ____” as soon as you mention the city.

And for good reason, Barcelona is an incredible city, in fact, it was the city that inspired my own solo move to Spain, a year after my first visit.

The weather, the beach, the city layout and incredible tourist sites all help make Barcelona a favourite city for many. But it’s the food and dining experiences here, that are really the icing on the cake.


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Dining in Spain is an incredible experience. With their love for tapas, shared plates and fresh food, Barcelona offers some extra special dining experiences, which are a must for any foodies travelling to Barcelona.


1. Devour Barcelona Food Tour

I’m a big fan of food tours and have done ones in Madrid, Rome and Ho Chi Minh City before, so I knew when I was planning this trip, that I had to include one. I chose the Tapas, Taverns and History tour, which ventured through both the El Born and Barrio Gothic neighborhoods.

<Devour Spain also do food tours in Madrid – check out my review here>


2. Dans le noir โ€“ Dining in the dark Barcleona

As I’m sure you can imagine, dining in the dark is a pretty unique experience. It’s one I’d never done before and really enjoyed in Barcelona. What’s cool about this concept is that the waiters are actually legally blind themselves, so the fact they’re working in a completely black room doesn’t really affect them. For diners however, it’s almost unnerving. Not being able to see anything – not even your hand 2 inches infant of your face, makes for an interesting – and entertaining dining experience. I gave up on a knife and fork within minutes, after having zero luck getting use out of them. Eating with your hands, not knowing what you’re eating is kind of strange, and relying on your other senses to guess the food becomes a fun game. Full post on this experience here>>


3. Pintxos on Carrer de Blai

Make your own food tour on Carrer de Blai, a pedestrian street in the El Poble Sec neighborhood. This place is just jammed-packed of pintxo bars, priced from just 1โ‚ฌ. We spent an evening here eating far too much – it’s surprising how you misjudge how much you’ve eaten when all the food comes on small toothpicks… guaranteed to overeat.


4. Gin & Tonics in Placa del Sol, Gracia

Garcia is one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Barcelona, and as far as Barcelona goes, it’s not too touristy. This plaza is great to toma algo, ‘take something’ in the evening whether it be a beer, sangria or mojito, choose your pew on a terrace and keep the drinks flowing.


5. El Bosc de Les Fades

OK admittedly this place is a bit cheesy and it’s definitely over priced. The food isn’t anything special BUT the decor is kind of cool. Translating to “The forest of fairies’ it’s a cute wee bar with all sorts of crazy decorations – reminds me of the tunnel in the log flume, for those that have been to Rainbow’s End. If you’re in the central city, down near the port and looking for something different, head in here for a wee drink.


6. Rooftop Bars

Rooftop bars in Spain in general, are great. They’re a place to be seenย and are always decorated on point. You might pay a little more for a cocktail, but let’s be honest, it’s worth it. For a great list of the best rooftop bars in Barcelona, check out this article by Devour Barcelona.


7. Markets

Yes it’s touristy, but it’s still a must-see, Mercado de la Boqueriaย just off Las Ramblas is a real feast for the eyes! Grab a fresh juice and some overpriced fruit covered in chocolate, and have your Instagram camera at the ready. If you’re after a market that’s a little less touristy, check out Mercado Santa Caterina in El Born.

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where to eat in Barcelona

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