Why you should watch football game in Spain, even if you don’t like sports

Why go to a football game in Spain?

Because they’re incredible.

I’d actually never seen a football game in its entirety until I moved to Spain.

But as Spain is one of the most football-crazy countries in the world, obviously that’s since changed.

I’ve seen first-hand 3 of the best teams in Europe, FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Athletíco de Madrid all play at their home grounds, in front of thousands of raving fans.

After witnessing these games and experiencing the craziness, it’s no surprise that I’ve learned to love the game. Football fan passion is contagious.


why experience a football game in spain


One of the most impressive stadiums is that of Camp Nou, home to FC Barcelona.

It’s the largest football stadium in the whole of Europe and second in the world only to one in North Korea. With 99,352 seats ready to fill with eager fans, it’s obvious why an experience here is absolutely incredible. In 2015, popular football website FourFourTwo labelled the Camp Nou as its second favourite football stadium in the world.

FC Barcelona are one of the strongest football clubs in Europe, last year winning both the Copa del Rey, La Liga and Champions League titles. And this year they’re looking strong again, recently beating Arsenal in the Champions League knockout stages.

The Camp Nou is a huge drawcard for many tourists, and definitely worth visiting if you’re in Barcelona. If you’re after tickets, be sure to buy in advance – The Telegraph reported in 2014, a total of 7.5 million people flew into Spain’s second major city, which helps Barca sell out the stadium for every game.

If you don’t manage to score a ticket, before tickets sky rocket, their VIP Tours are extremely popular among travelling Barca fans, and are another good way to get into the stadium.


why go to a football game in madrid


But my favourite team is their biggest rival Real Madrid.

(I lived in Madrid, so sorry can’t support Barca!)

Plus Bernabeu Stadium, is the most incredible stadium I’ve ever been in – especially when it’s jam-packed full of devoted fans, chanting away for their favourite team.

It’s just incredible – even for newbie football fans like me.

The sea of white that engulfs Bernabeu on match days is something to marvel at, and is why I listed a watching a game at this stadium as one of my Madrid must-do’s for tourists.

Games against their fierce rivals Atletíco de Madrid or FC Barcelona are highlights of the season, but getting tickets for such a high profile games aren’t cheap!


why go to a football game in spain


If you are looking for a cheaper way to get to a game and experience the incredible Spanish, look for tickets to see Atletíco de Madrid, at Vicente Calderón Stadium. The atmosphere here is just as electric – with probably more chants and Mexican waves than at Bernabeu.

It’s so much fun, just be sure to take a sandwich in to eat at half time (seriously, everyone pulls out a sandwich) and go a bit early to enjoy a few drinks outside the stadium, as the bars in the streets that surround Calderón are buzzing and will get you into the right state of mind for the game.

After experiencing a game I’m sure you’ll become a football fan too.

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