3 reasons why I love Madrid

I love Madrid.

And to be honest, I can’t believe I’ve been living in Madrid for well over a year now!

How time flies when you’re having fun.

There’s just something so special and captivating about this city. Something that’s kept me here twice as long as I’d originally intended on staying!

I’ve narrowed it down and want to share the top 3 reasons as to why I love Madrid. 


Looking Up

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I love looking up in Madrid! So much so, that I’ve become that annoying person walking in front of you, who suddenly stops to take a photo, causing you lose momentum and stumble around me… sorry about that!

I take far too many photos of different building tops, skylines, turrets and french balconies. I just think they are so beautiful! I love this architecture and as Madrid also has one of the highest number of ‘blue sky days’ in Europe, it often makes for pretty photos with vibrant, contrasting colours.

I’m actually tempted to make an Instagram account just for these kinds of shots!


Finger Friendly Foods


Tapas, pintxos, nibbles – call them what you like, I love them. Not just because I love food, (I mean, who doesn’t?!) but because here they can be so intricate and full of so many different flavours! And because they’re so small, you can try a few different things in one sitting, without feeling like a pig – its great!

Personal favourites include combinations of goats cheese and caramelised onion, skewers filled with pickled olives, sardines, and quail eggs, and I’ll eat Spanish ham in pretty much anyway you choose to serve it. Yum.


Night Lights


Madrid at night is beautiful. I mean, Madrid in the day is great too, as it’s full of beautiful old buildings, arches, squares and statues. But as gorgeous as they are in the daytime, they kind of become part of ‘the norm’ after a while, as they seamlessly fit into the city.

But at night, when they’re lit up, glowing with strategic spotlights, under a dark black sky, they look incredible.

It makes you appreciate how amazing these buildings really are, how long it must have taken to design and build them, and also how well kept they are. Truly magnificent.



  1. I love this! Especially those looking up shots! How beautiful! I wish I spent more time in Madrid when I was in Spain!

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